WordPress Upgrade Turbulence

I just upgraded from WordPress 1.5.2 to 2.0.3, the latest stable version.

I would love to report that it was all up and running effortlessly in a few clicks, but there were quite a few niggles! I had to head off to do something half way through upgrading which is not recommended! 🙂 Aside from that, my web server and FileZilla FTP seemed to be conspiring against me, leading to several zero byte sized files dotted all over the place.

Then, my feed stopped working. The WordPress Feedburner plugin seemed to be aggravating the issue. When I removed it, my feed came back. But I love that plugin! So I went looking at my .htaccess rules, trying to figure them out. My head was too bamboozled by this stage to see a way out. I did not have my .htaccess file configured to let WordPress write to it. As a final attempt, I let WordPress at it and my feed returned even with the plugin active. I’ve no idea why that should have made a difference, but at least everything *seems* to be finally working now. I’m loving the sleek new admin interface too. I had heard good things and it’s quite an improvement. I should have upgraded ages ago for more pressing reasons than a shiny control panel! 🙂

In reality probably half my poor neglected blog has been brought down by my tinkering. So, if you spot anything strange I’d greatly appreciate it if you would kindly let me know.