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Following on from the runaway success of The Million Dollar Homepage, a guy called Dave has decided to have a go at becoming a millionaire by building a page featuring One Million Blogs.

I noticed a few referrals from the site in my logs and lo and behold, my little pink flower icon is sitting right there! I know I have been buying up half the interweb lately, but I thought I had really lost it for a second, because I could not remember paying a dollar for my square. Then I read in the FAQ that Dave has included a few random blogs to get things rolling. I have not received the e-mail the chosen bloggers were supposed to get, but I doubt that anyone paid to include wysiwyg! 🙂

Why mine I wonder? I barely post enough for this to be considered a blog and rarely write anything useful! A whois search on the domain reveals that while it was registered on 19 January, Dave is pretty shy and would rather remain anonymous for now as the registrant details are pretty vague. if my pink kingdom made the cut, my hunch is that it’s someone I know of. Thanks Dave, whoever you are, and remember me if/when you make your million. 🙂

4 thoughts on “One Million Blogs”

  1. you have a good point there dave!!! LOL 🙂

    i changed over to wordpress from movable type a few months back and it seems my e-mail vanished in the changeover! so apologies for that – i’m amazed you did not just surf on to the next blog instead :p

    nice of you to drop by my humble abode – i thought you were going to say that i wasn’t a randomly chosen blog at all and that someone must have coughed up on my behalf for a laugh 🙂

    i guess this rules out my theory that you know me too, since then you would have known my addy… it’s all so intriguing! 🙂

    good luck with your venture and thanks again for the mention.

  2. Cool site! Check my site, I want to invite 3 people to Greenland and pay for the whole thing if I succeed my project, check it out.

    Dan Jeppson

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