How to fix Undocumented Serious Error 0x101a in Eset Smart Security

Eset anti-virus has been running like clockwork for me since I installed it 6 months ago. Until today that is.

My tray icon turned orange and I kept getting warnings that my protection was not up to date. Attempts to get the latest update failed with the scary and mysterious error message: “Undocumented Serious Error 0x101a”.

On googling for this, the top result is an official Eset knowledge base article which states that the fix is to uninstall and reinstall the Eset software.

Hmmm, I was hoping there was a less drastic solution. Luckily for me there was. I use Windows XP and just went to the Task Manager and in the processes tab, found ekrn.exe (which is the Eset software) and ended the process.

Hey Presto! My system tray icon was turquoise again and on trying to update I was informed that protection was bang up to date. Fingers crossed, it was just a blip, and Eset will go back to quietly doing its job while I hardly know it’s there.

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  1. Thanks. Better advice than from ESET – it’s not THAT easy to re-boot a production database server!

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