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Last updated 8 March 2013. Twitter will soon be removing older parts of their API which means that some Twitter plugins will stop working. Originally, the switch off date was 5 March 2013, but Twitter recently announced that they will now just start doing “blackout tests” then and the final shut down date is to be confirmed. If you show latest tweets etc on any of your websites, now is the time to check the plugins used are compatible with the Twitter API changes.

Add-ons using the old Twitter API – these will break

Twitter Timeline (First Party) (Free)

EllisLab have deprecated this plugin and won’t be updating it to work with the new API.

TGL Twitter (Free)

Current users can start using the EE Twitter add-on instead which is based on this.

Tweetline (Free)

This plugin broke during the first Twitter blackout test on 5 March. If you were just using it to fetch all tweets from a user, EE Twitter is a good free alternative. If you were using it to filter out mentions/RTs, you’ll need another add-on e.g. CE Tweet.

Add-ons using Twitter API v1.1 – these will work

Click Rain EE Twitter (Free)

Bryan Burgers has updated TGL Twitter to use v1.1 authentication. I’ve installed this add-on on a few sites already as a replacement for EllisLab’s Twitter Timeline plugin. So far, so good! This add-on just lists all tweets for a user. If you want to show other information from Twitter, look at CE Tweet instead.
EE Twitter on Devot:ee »

CE Tweet v1.3+ (Commercial)

Causing Effect released CE Tweet 1.3 on 18 February 2013 which uses Twitter API v1.1. If you are running an older version, you will need to update to the latest version and set up a Twitter application and enter your authentication keys. CE Tweet provides a lot more functionality than the free EE Twitter add-on.
Visit CE Tweet website »

Twitter API v1.1. options for EE1 sites

I haven’t found any Twitter API v1.1 add-ons compatible with ExpressionEngine 1. Twitter do offer Embedded Timelines, which is an easy copy and paste JavaScript option which will work on any site. However, akin to Facebook’s like box, you can’t control the look and feel.

7 thoughts on “ExpressionEngine® Twitter API v1.1 add-ons”

  1. Thanks John. I only found out about the API changes at the end of January when the changeover was due to happen on March 5th and I have a lot of sites running Twitter Timeline. Now that Twitter are postponing the shut down, the panic is over, but I still thought it might be helpful if I collated my research here.

  2. Hi Emmanuel,
    I was just focusing on add-ons to display tweets on your website here. I don’t know if NSM Twitter uses the new Twitter API. I’ll try and find out.

  3. @Emmanuel, @Janine
    We’ve updated NSM Twitter to be compatible with the new API endpoint and are just preparing it for release now.
    If you want to update your current version in the meantime, you can change the endpoint on line 21 of twitteroauth.php to

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