The Return of Henri Hippo!

Back in the 80s, when my sister and I were little, we joined the Henri Hippo savers’ club in Ulster Bank. I spent all my pocket money on penny sweets back then, so I have no idea what happened the bank account, but we were both quite attached to our Henri Hippo money boxes. I had a blue one and my sister had a red one. Alas, some years later, a shelf fell down one day and our hippos were smashed to smithereens.

So, I was delighted to hear that Ulster Bank are bringing back Henri Hippo! Even more exciting is that the money boxes are supposed to look the same as they did in the 80s, although only blue ones are available. I was hoping that I could finally replace my moneybox by opening an account with them, but it seems you can only get one when you open a bank account for a child under 12. They won’t even sell me one (yes, I did write and ask!) – I suppose the idea of a bank not wanting more money is novel. 😉 I’m not sure what today’s high tech kids will make of him, but they may well be fighting with their parents over who gets the money box anyway! I guess I’ll just have to keep my eye out on Ebay for any mini entrepreneurs who want to cash in on Henri. 🙂

Reminiscing about Henri also brought back fond memories of my Trustee Rusty the fox money box from Trustee Savings Bank. I can’t find any evidence that he ever existed on Google, but surely I’m not the only one who remembers him? Since the bank merged to become permanent tsb many years ago, I doubt we will ever see poor old Trusty Rusty again, but I might start a campaign one of these days. He would be much less annoying than that guy from The Sopranos!

At least Cyril the Squirrel is still going strong for An Post. I don’t think that Cyril has ever been immortalised as a money box. Perhaps keeping a lower profile is the secret of his longevity? I see from his website that you can even contact him directly, so maybe I’ll write and ask him. 😉

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  1. I must find one of my young cousins and convince them to open an Ulter Bank account. Can’t believe they won’t sell one to you. I do remember the fox too. Banks are quite into novelty shaped money saving devices.

  2. Hi Anthony,
    Ulster Bank probably did not think there would be any nutters who would want to buy one! 🙂 Glad you remember the fox too.

  3. I’ve fixed that now sis – thanks for embarrassing me on my blog rather than answering the e-mail where I asked you how to spell it! 🙂 I thought it was trusty because it rhymed with rusty and it meant the fox would take good care of my pennies 🙂

  4. Hmm. I may have to consult my contacts deep within permo to get to the bottom of the mystery of the rusty fox thingy!

  5. I am *very* jealous henri hippo girl and keep me posted on your fox hunt daithi 🙂

    Damn you and your tagging fox girl – I’ll have to try and find time to fire up my ‘random freaky things about me generator’ later on so….

  6. I opened a joint account for me and my fiance today. and I asked would I be able to have a henri hippo? and they got me one lol I want the girl one also. They are now produced in Finland by a finnish designer and are shipped her on order

  7. Ah that’s lovely Sarah – I couldn’t even get an envelope out of Permanent TSB the other week! 🙂

  8. I’ve got a Trustee Rusty too! Also cant find any record of its existance – and yet here it is in my hand…..curiouser and curioser!