Super Selection of Christmas Trees

I’m a bit late getting my first proper Christmas tree organised. I figured an artificial one was the most practical option from the off, but when I saw the dire selection of overpriced mangy tat around town, my romantic vision of a real Christmas tree returned. Admittedly I was late to the party, but I am not sure I missed too many stunning artificial trees. Having faced up to how expensive they were, unfortunately the only half decent ones I saw displayed in Arnotts and House of Fraser were already sold out. Having toured a couple of small local real Christmas tree sellers, I saw that mangy, overpriced real trees are not uncommon in Dublin either!

This afternoon it was starting to look like the 2 foot Christmas tree I’ve always had in my bedroom, dating from when Penneys sold excellent quality decorations, would be the height of it. But tonight we discovered what can only be described as a Christmas tree superstore on Milltown road. The smell of countless trees greets you on the way in, and they are available in all sorts of sizes. They even have small real trees available for apartments. We wanted a 6-7ft tree, and saw some proper, full trees at long last. We were quoted a price of around 60 euro, plus 10 for a stand. That’s not too bad considering that some are selling far inferior trees in Dublin 6 for upwards of 50 euro. One note of caution – the netting machine was broken when I visited, so once they take the netting off a tree for you to see what it looks like, it cannot be put back which makes getting big trees home fairly tricky. I think there is a delivery service available, but I’m not sure what charges are involved.

Right at the back of the long fairy garden of real trees is a shed with about a dozen stunning artificial trees on display. They are more expensive than many on the high street, but there is no comparison. While you can get lots of cheap artificial trees, the decent 6ft trees I had spotted in the stores ranged from 100 euro to 240 euro. Apart from table top ones, the smallest artificial ones in Milltown are 7ft tall and cost from around 200 euro up. That’s a significant amount, but in the context of what the department stores charge, it seems reasonable when you see how well they look. Besides, once you use it for a few years, you see the savings from not buying a real one each year. Of course, your carbon footprint gets smaller too – if only I could reduce the size of my real footprint as easily!!

So if you have not got your Christmas tree organised yet either, Milltown Road (near the Murphy and Gunn car showrooms) is well worth a visit. They have an outlet in Blackrock too – check out for more info on what’s available, or if you’re really lazy you could buy online. 🙂 The artificial trees look much better in reality than in the pictures on the website. Artificial is definitely a better option for apartment dwellers without a car like us. Having seen these magical looking artificial trees, I’m hoping to indulge in one while they are still available – pictures to follow if I’m successful!