It’s been a while

When I took a break from blogging last New Year’s Eve, I did not think I would be gone this long. But you never really know how things will turn out. I have wanted to start blogging again so many times lately, but something kept holding me back. If I was not too busy with household stuff or work, I would just sit here not knowing what to write. After so long away, it would need to be something ground breaking. Or, I would at least have to be sure that I would stick at blogging a while to justify breaking my silence. Oh, and I would need a new streamlined blog design too. Even I’m getting tired of that pink flower…

To hell with all of that for now. If I keep thinking about all that stuff, I will never blog again! The irony is that I have had far more to blog about in the last year than I ever had before. Mostly fairly mundane stuff to do with the longest apartment renovation in history, but outsiders may well have found parts of the saga quite amusing. Plus, it may have been better all round if I had ranted here occasionally instead of constantly moaning about it all to my poor family! On the other hand, I may well have been sued after telling tales about the countless tradesmen and home furnishing outfits that shafted me, so maybe my blogging break was for the best. 🙂

But all’s well that ends well. I finally moved into my apartment in mid June, and apart from the occasional mishap such as a leaky water pump flooding brand new carpet, everything has gone swimmingly. 🙂 I have already been freelancing as a web developer for a year now too. I never saw myself running my own business, but touch wood, it is going really well and it’s easily the best job I have ever had. I work from home along with my boyfriend, coding websites. So, I have been setting up home and a business simultaneously, and we are still having fun balancing the two! 🙂

These major changes are why I’ve given my blog a new name, “Homespun”. I only picked the name “wysiwyg” initially because I thought my blog was going to be technical, but it descended into personal waffle rather quickly! My life is now completely different from when I used to blog before. I’ve gone from living at home trekking in on the 39 bus to work in the city every day, to working for myself from my own home. While my blog will still be pretty light and personal, I’m now writing from a different viewpoint.

I was going to just start a completely new (anonymous!) blog instead, but I’d probably never get around to actually doing that. I’m not sure how long I will be back blogging, or how often I’ll post. I was never very good at blogging regularly, even when I had far less to do! 🙂 I have not even had time in the last year to read other blogs. I’d like to start doing that again too. If I read other ones, I might remember how to write one. 🙂 Here’s hoping some of my old favourites are still on the go. I’m sure there are some new kids on the blogosphere well worth checking out as well.

It’s good to be back, even if I lost this post when I finally clicked save and had to start all over again! Damn Gmail for getting me so used to automatic saving. Poor WordPress – after a year hibernating, it probably did not know what had hit it. 🙂

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  1. First off, welcome back!
    Second off, what version of WP are you using? The newer versions have automatic saving, which I LUVs 🙂

  2. Welcome back Janine! I was wondering what the hell this was in my feedreder! Congratulations on the new apartment too.

    Looking froward to hearing more of your ramblings.

  3. Aw thanks guys. I really did not think anyone would still have my feed – do you never get around to clearing them out either? 🙂

    Dave – I’ve still been reading your far from rambling posts as it’s a justifiable use of working time 😀 Congrats on the SBP article btw!

    Walter – thanks for dropping by – I did not know you knew about my blog but I do know of pixenate – nifty stuff 🙂

    Treasa and Fence – good to know 2 of my old favourites are still on the go!

    Fence – thanks for the heads up about automatic saving. I had tried to do the major upgrades while away for security reasons, but it seems I missed the last couple :(. I thought I was on the upgrade mailing list but clearly not!