Yummy Cakes in Dublin

Yet another long gap between posts. Rather than break it with yet another post about property prices (yawn!), I thought I’d write about one of my more pleasant pastimes: eating cakes.

Thankfully, I am not alone in my appreciation of appetising pastries and delightful bakeries and cafes are springing up all over Dublin city centre. Cake eating can be an expensive hobby but sure a lot of what you fancy does you good! 🙂 Here’s a few of my favourite haunts and feel free to add your own:

  • Keogh’s Cafe, Trinity Street
    The smells are so amazing when you pass by Keogh’s small restaurant that it is nearly impossible not to stop and buy something, a fact proven by the frequent queues out the door. Their coffee seems popular, but I stick to the cakes. My absolute favourite is the cherry and almond scone. Heaven! Be warned, they sell out fast.
  • The Larder, Parliament Street
    This place has only opened recently, but it is clear that they have put a lot of effort into styling and presentation. The staff are friendly and welcoming too. I’ve picked up some lovely plain and brown scones here lately in cute cellophane bags closed with dainty The Larder stickers.
  • Avoca, Wicklow Street
    This place needs no introduction to many and their massive scones are very tasty indeed, as are the gigantic chocolate cookies. Compared to everything else in the shop, the bakery offers surprisingly good value for money too!
  • The Bakery, West Essex Street, Temple Bar
    Yummy chocolate muffins, apple sponges, scones, tarts and crumbles – I could go on and on. They also do some savoury stuff like soups and sandwiches if you are into that.
  • Queen of Tarts, Dame Street
    Tiny little cafe that is nearly always crowded. I used to have a big soft spot for this place, but lately the cakes have not tasted quite as nice to me. But they are still pretty yummy, if a little pricey.
  • La Boulangerie, Camden Street
    This cafe has now expanded so that the bakery shop has moved next door. It has proved very popular, even though it was a bit off the beaten track when it started. There are lots of specialist treats here along with the more common but just as delicious doughnuts, danishes, croissants and gingerbread men.

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  1. You have to try the new Cake Cafe off the top of Camden Street. It is hidden down a lane but well worth finding. They do the tastiest and cutest cakes I have seen in Dublin. There is a lovely courtyard you can sit in to enjoy the cakes.


  2. The Cake Cafe is a bit hard to find it is down a lane called Pleasents Place which joins Pleasents Street and Grantham Street. I hope this all makes sense to you!!!! There is a slightly easier way if you are going there after 10am. The cafe is joined on to a shop called Daintree which faces on to camden street(up at the bleeding horse end). You can walk through the shop and you will find it. Follow the smell of baking……….Good luck.

  3. I live in California, USA but I have a friends who live in dublin, can you tell me if your can deliver cake for her , if I oder online with credit card

  4. i always try to do a little something out of the box for a couple of christmas presents. i’d love suggestions of favorite bakeries in Dublin that ship to the US. i’m looking for a small yummy sercey or two. nothing dramatic, but well like i said outside of the box.
    thanks ever so for the info!

  5. I second the praise of La Boulangerie! I was in Dublin for 3 weeks on a teaching assignment, and the pastries and cakes were the best I found in that short time.

  6. its hard to beat Mannings bakery on Thomas st, maybe not quite as kitch or trendy as some of the newer cafe’s but what ends up in the cake box always seems to taste better, They have the full range of old school and new school cakes aswell so coffee slices and cupcakes for all!!….if you can brave the eastenders streetscape!

  7. Hi Brian,

    LOL at “eastenders streetscape” – I know just what you mean! 🙂

    That reminds me that in my school days (about 15 years ago now), my Dad used to get me a big bag of jam doughnuts from there, after I worked out that’s where my school got them from – they were out of this world!! But I had one a few years ago when I worked in the area and they just weren’t the same – ah the memories! 🙂

  8. My favourite is the Italian bakery & cafe Il Valentino, on Pearse Street near the new Grand Canal Theatre…. definitely the best croissants in town. Serious passion here !