Stripping is the new blogging

On the eve of a shiny New Year, I am blowing the cobwebs off my poor neglected blog once more. Back in September, I promised to decide what to do with it by now, but much has changed since then. Most of my time is now taken up with things that I never thought possible a year ago. Like stripping. Oh, the thrill of slowly peeling off bit by bit, layer by layer until finally, just as the anticipation climaxes, all is revealed amid the steamy atmosphere.

Having finally got the keys to my first home – an overpriced but homely apartment in need of a lot of TLC – I am now immersed in a whole new world of electrics, plumbing, furniture and wallpaper stripping. And not just any old wallpaper. Thick dark brown hessian cloth wallpaper. I only included a thumbnail sized swatch of it on this web page to spare you the trauma of experiencing it in all its glory! While it is taking forever to remove it all, it is a great comfort to remember that when it was put up over 20 years ago it was very expensive and of great quality. Still, when the walls are finally all freshly painted in about 2009, I am sure we will look back and laugh! 🙂 I think I will leave property developing to Sarah Beeny in future but hopefully our own project will be complete by the summer in time to have a chicken nugget barbecue to celebrate.

Death to wallpaperNot content with buying my first property just as the market looks like it is finally starting to stagnate (or sink according to some), I decided to further unsettle my world by becoming a freelance web developer. I’m an all or nothing girl! 🙂 My boyfriend is also freelance now so at least we will sink or swim together! It’s early days yet but thankfully it’s going really well at the moment. It’s a bit hectic but that’s a good complaint. 🙂

So, unfortunately blogging will be taking a back seat for the foreseeable. Part of me would like to just delete this blog and set up an anonymous one elsewhere at a later date. Amazingly some people do still find the odd ancient post useful and I still get regular comments, despite shamefully rarely replying. Take for example, the sorry story of so many lovely ladies with large feet that I must bring to the attention of the shoe retailers one of these days. So, I will leave everything online for now, in case the odd bit is of help to anyone. Besides, the actuary in me still likes to sneak the odd peek at the web stats and referral logs. 🙂

I hope to still pop in and out from time to time to share my trivial tales with whoever else is out there. For now, thanks to everyone who dropped by and read a few posts and special thanks to those who sent me kind emails, took the time to comment or were kind enough to link to me. When I started this blog, I never imagined anyone else would read it, so it has been really nice to get e-mails from people as far away as Brazil saying hello.

Wishing you all the best in 2007! A lot can happen in a year, so I hope the New Year brings you lots of nice surprises. 🙂

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  1. Nice one Janine. Always enjoyed reading your blog – and I’m on your feed so hopefully I’ll catch you when you’re feeling inspired! Good luck with the new place!

  2. Aw thanks Tim – if I was inspired at the moment it would just be to give out about a load of boring house stuff so trust me you ain’t missing much! 🙂

  3. I thought that being a freelance web developer required you to blog more?? 🙂

    It’s how you gain “cred” in the community!


    Anyway, congratulations on joining the home buyers amongst us AND going freelance. It’s how to make the real money about here.

  4. yes ed you are right that blogging could be good for business. although, my trivial ramblings might work against me! 🙂

    i have yet to discover the real money in freelancing, but the hours are certainly real, so hopefully the rest will follow!