Problems leaving comments

Thanks to Richard and Feargal for letting me know about problems adding comments to my blog. I’ve tried it myself and it seems to work OK, so I’ll have to try and do some detective work… I love bug fixing! 🙁

Apologies to anyone who is unable to leave a comment. I’ll post again when I think that I’ve fixed things.

Update: I’m hoping that comments should be working again now. But, the problems were only affecting some people, so it is hard to tell.

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  1. No sorry

    Post went through automatically. If you want me to test this again maybe try and delete my id from the antispam database (I presume I’m now in whitelist) and I’ll retry.



  2. well if this works, then i won’t take it personally

    if it doesn’t, i’ll assume you’ve put me on a blacklist!


  3. Thanks so much for the tests lads. I *think* things seem to be working OK again, but I’ll investigate further when I have time…

  4. Thanks Cormac,

    Good to know that people can still leave comments because I hope to be back blogging again soon at last 🙂

  5. aww thanks dave – i didn’t know you cared 🙂 or anyone else for that matter! 😀
    an antique is a *very* polite way of putting it. hopefully, assuming i finally get into my flat in the next few weeks and things start to calm down at all, i can start waffling again 🙂 who knows, i might even have a day off some week soon!
    must add you to the blogroll in the meantime – yourself and red cardinal have rekindled my interest in the search side of things of late so keep up the great work 🙂

  6. Of course I care. And I am very flattered I aroused your interest enough to get a blogroll link 😉 . People are going to start thinking I’m only commenting on their blogs for that reason the amount I have gotten this month!

    Good luck moving into the new place.