Positively Happy Noel cashes in on Cosmic Ordering

I blogged a few months ago about the Cosmic Ordering phenomenon. I had read Barbel Mohr’s book on the subject, and now I’ve finished Noel Edmonds’ recently published  self-help book “Positively Happy” which promises “cosmic ways to change your life” on the cover. I should point out that I did not purchase either book and rarely purchase any self-help books (a “beyond help” section would interest me more!). They were just lying around at home and were suitable bedtime reading material. I have made a few orders to the cosmos myself, but I am yet to be convinced!

While I have no objection to Noel sharing his tips on positive thinking, most people will buy the book to find out all about cosmic ordering, how Noel managed to change his life around using it and how they can do the same. Noel Edmonds’ fanatics (of which there are a scary number if the small sample of my referrer logs are anything to go by!) will also be searching for answers to important questions like what the strange symbols drawn on his hands on Deal or No Deal mean.

Well, save your money, because the only place where “cosmic” anything is mentioned in Noel’s book is on the cover, and while he shares many personal anecdotes, he does not discuss strange hand symbols or any other weird rituals he might have. Instead, the book is just autobiographical snippets enveloped by lots of positive thinking tips.

As self-help books go, it’s not too bad. It focuses on practical ways to think more positively and is broken down into bite-size chunks. Each chapter concludes by summing up the key points, and Noel suggests plenty of small things you can easily do to take a more positive approach to life without changing your whole mindset at once. However, while the examples of how he has adopted these principles in his own life help drive the points home, they do become quite boring for anyone not completely obsessed with Noel Edmonds!  I’ve read worse drivel, but this book was not really up my street.

Noel has more right than most to try and make some money out of cosmic ordering, since he was the one who popularised it in the UK. However, I wish he had actually written a book on the topic rather than just misleading people into thinking that he has!

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  1. Janine – I bought it yesterday and am half way through it at the moment. Right now, I would say that it is disappointing. There is no true substance other than his own history to date – definitely not what I had expected but maybe when I have finished it, I might be of a different opinion.

    Will let you know – apart from that, I love your blog.

    Aine Callan

  2. Just came across your blog, well now I too have read the Noel Edmonds ways to change your life, I never even got to finish it, thougt I was going to expire from boredom..

    I did however buy the secret, not sure if anyone has read or seen dvd, it made a great impression on me..problem was 20 mins after I read it I thought it was all rubbish..does anyone have any comment on this at all..please tell me am I alone, because millions of Americans think its great..

  3. Thanks for some honest comments on Noel Edmonds Positively Happy. I have been thinking of buying the book but since reading about it here I’m not so sure. I think perhaps the Barbel Mohr or Jonathan Cainer offerings might be more interesting.

    I do think that positive thinking works though and for that reason alone I wouldn’t dismiss ‘The Secret’ as complete rubbish.

  4. Hi, I found your review of Mr Edmonds book and thought it hit the mark, more or less.
    I read the book as a point of interest to find out what he’s been doing since his ‘Late Late Breakfast’ days.
    I found the book quite practical and agree with you that it’s not too bad as a self help book but not too sure that the Cosmic’ angle is all encompassing in the book, thank goodness.
    I found that I have adopted some of the attitudes mentioned and it has made a difference but I can’t adopt it all in a cult style fashiom
    All in all though a good read at times and can help you with your own ‘Positive Thinking.
    I’d suggest getting it from a Library, as I did and if you feel it has merit, buy it.