I must have this moon chair!

i must have this moon chair! Unfortunately, the basic camera on my phone does not do this beauty justice. I have never ever got the least bit excited about furniture in my entire life before but now I have serious chair lust!

I walked into At Home with Clerys today and I fell in love at first sight with the Fama Moon Chair. It’s perfect for lazing around, watching movies, cross stitching… 🙂

It rocks, it swivels, it reclines, it costs a fortune, but I love it!!!

I’ll try hard to restrain myself but I think that my SSIA has just seriously shrunk!

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  1. Hello – this chair is on sale at a furniture shop in edinburgh too!
    Shall I check the price for comparison?

  2. Thanks for that Sal,
    Is this the shop? http://www.omnifurnishing.co.uk/popup.cfm?p_n=375869&p_i=375869
    That was the only shop I could find it in online, but I’m sure it can’t be that rare if Clerys have it here in Dublin! 🙂
    I was relatively relieved to see that it was about 1200 euro in the Edinburgh shop whereas Clerys have it for 1400 (eek!!!). OK, it’s still cheaper in the UK, but that’s par for the course, and at least it’s an arm and a leg on both sides of the water…

  3. Yes – that’s it exactly. I have to honest – I love the chair too BUT I really hate that shop so I’ve been put off a bit! Good luck with the hunt. S

  4. I saw this in a shop in Beverley, East Yorkshire and fell in love with it too – still trying to work out how to raise the money to buy it! I think it was £850 there.

  5. I absolutely adore it too! Placed my order on Saturday at E&A Wates in London (020 8769 2205). 20% discount currently, cost 719.

  6. Hey
    I have bought a moon chair for €780.00 in Michael Murphy in Newbridge in Co Kildare its orange but they do have different colours. The only thing is i have to wait 12 weeks just 6 to go and i cant wait

  7. Thanks so much Ciara!!! I rang Michael Murphy Furniture on your recommendation, and the standard price for the chair is only €899, with free delivery to Dublin! Clerys have reduced the chair in their sale from €1,399 to €1,149 but they know where they can shove it. I can’t believe that the same chair is so much cheaper elsewhere. The only downside is that Michael Murphy have just finished the old range of colours, and are still awaiting the new shades. The old range did not have a pink shade, so I’m hopeful that when the new fabric swatches arrive in the next couple of weeks, that I can head down to Newbridge and place my order pronto… Enjoy your moon chair Ciara – not long to go for you now. 🙂

  8. I was just enjoying the moon chair in cherry red that my mother bought for her new house! We all loved trying it out. She bought it in Groves furniture shop in Letterkenny, Co Donegal. My brother said it had one in the sale for 600 euro!

  9. My girlfriend and I are looking these chaisrs, and there is a shop in Cookstown Northern Ireland (Cookstown Furtuniture Centre) selling them for £650, which is a bit more reasonable, and even better with a loyalty card, if goes down to £550.

    Google their web site, for details.


  10. robert scott designs in capel st has them on sale now for about 950 down from 1150. thought you might like to know in case you hadn’t bought one yet! i just bought one today in a fabulous pink/grey swatch, with black/white/pink cushions. it wasn’t what i was even looking for but i fell in love with it straight away. they have one more in stock, and the display model, also in pink/grey.

  11. thanks for that tim – congrats on your purchase!

    i have ordered mine already for a bit more than you paid alas, but it has not been delivered yet. i can’t wait, although i’m finding it difficult to find a sofa that will go wiht it 🙂

  12. Now available under a different name from DFS: ‘Natalie recliner armchair’ at a price of £595

  13. i just bought this chair today in blue from dfs in edinburgh it cost me £595 in the sale also bought the corner suite to match cant wait for them to arrive.

  14. Great, great chair!!! Saw it today at the Good Food Live Show, NEC Birmingham for £700.

    Is the DFS one the same quality as the others?

  15. this chair is just what im looking for, where is it available in s.wales and AT WHAT PRICE

  16. Hi Sal,

    Sorry, but I haven’t a clue if it is still available anywhere. Try googling for “fama moon chair” – I still see several furniture shop results, but whether they are up to date, I don’t know. On the plus side if you do track it down, I can tell you it’s wearing well after nearly 2 years at least. Good luck!