Google API Gone Gaga?

I use the Google web search API a lot in a certain application. It has been good as gold for ages but since the New Year it has gone ape. It works intermittently at best, and even putting a 60 second lag between queries does not seem to do any good. The infamous “502 bad gateway” error just keeps coming and the error count is increasing by the day.

At least a couple of posts on the Google APIs newsgroup suggest that I am not the only one having problems with it. However, the group is not very lively at the best of times! I’m a *huge* Google fan (how cool was today’s braille logo?), but it can be frustrating when you run into issues with their beta goodies, due to such limited support resources.

So if you have been having problems with the Google API or, even better, found a workaround please leave a comment! 🙂 Perhaps the poor old API just has the January blues like the rest of us…

Still, all the freebies are fabulous. I’m looking forward to tarting up my personal Google Homepage with some funky fruits of the newly released Google Homepage API. I might even tinker about with it myself if I’m feeling brave. 🙂

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