Cosmic Ordering: Barbel and Noel say Success is Simple

Noel Edmonds is raving about it. Barbel Mohr has become an extremely wealthy woman because of it. We can all get exactly what we want when we want it they claim. All we have to do is ask the universe and it will be! It’s called Cosmic Ordering and it sounds good to me.

Well, actually it sounds like a load of rubbish. However, my Mother (Deal Or No Deal fanatic!) recently bought Barbel Mohr’s book, The Cosmic Ordering Service. This is the book which Noel Edmonds read when he was in the doldrums and just look at him now! Originally published in German, it sold over a million copies in Germany alone. It was only £6.50 stg at Amazon just a couple of weeks ago at the time of purchase, but is £10.50 now. But the RRP of $13.95 is not much to pay in exchange for learning how to get anything you want by just asking the cosmos to grant your wishes!

Except that the book does not contain any deep revelations. In fact, at just 101 pages long, it does not contain much of anything! Yet, this made it even more appealing for a light reader like me: just a night or 2 and I’d be ordering away. So, I gave it a go and started reading. Fair play to Barbel, she does not try to hype up or complicate her ideas. She is the first to admit that the whole concept is extremely simple. You don’t even need to read the book from cover to cover. In fact, Barbel advises just dipping in here and there. Repeatedly, she emphasises the simplicity of the method. You don’t even need to believe in the process for cosmic ordering to work. She claims that she made her first order just to prove to her friend that it didn’t work!

It is clear that the book is a translated work and perhaps subtle meaning was lost in translation. There is really no need to buy the English version of the book. Spare yourself the 101 pages – just tell the universe what you want and when you want it and wait and see if it works.

Never one to miss a trick, Noel Edmonds will be publishing his own book about Cosmic Ordering in time for the lucrative Christmas Market. Maybe he will be able to fill even more pages with so little. No doubt, he is ordering a bestseller from the universe as I post…

It sounds bizarre, but I’ll give it a go myself and let you know how I get on! 🙂

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  1. Just doing a search on Cosmic Ordering and came across your site, have you tried it ? how has it worked out ? In my search I also came across this site: interesting enough until you scroll down and see the Authors picture LOL. doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

  2. I think noel would have got tv show anyway without the book being available – and all the other successes would have just happened due to putting in more effort. Also, Its easy for somebody who was ALREADY A Millionare like Edmonds to get something out of this system. If a 100 people use the book, 50 are millionares, and the other 50 are low earners, I bet the millionares have more of a chance of making progress with their health and wealth (even without the book). Money gives you more choices.

  3. Hi! This Cosmic Ordering does work – I’ve proved it for myself attracting everything from a new boyfriend to a car parking space. There is quite a decent blog that tells you how to do cosmic ordering on the internet : Be careful for what you wish for! Fiona.

  4. I have had some terrible things happen to me this year but there is one realy good thing that if I can make it happen would help with the healing. I dont know if I believe this would help but I would like to give it a go. So which book would be best Noel Edmonds or Barbel Mohr’s. I will probably get both but which first?

  5. hi vera,
    sorry to hear that this has not been a good year for you 🙁
    if you want to find out about cosmic ordering, get barbel mohr’s book.
    noel edmond’s book was only published a couple of weeks ago, but my mum has read it and it actually has nothing to do with cosmic ordering! 🙂 it is more of a general positivity philosophy that helped noel. my mum found it helpful though, so you may enjoy reading it too.

  6. Hi
    I have just read Jonathan Cainer’s and Barbel Mohr’s books on Cosmic Ordering. I have described CO to some colleagues as receiving a platimum credit card that you can spend in any way you like. repayments are made by a mystery person. Anyone offered such luxury would begin their spending very cautiously. After time and with the confidence that you won’t have to foot the bill, you become more adventerous and spend more. For me, it is early days. Despertely trying to loose the mind image of Mr Cainer as my guardian angel. Barbel’s book was more up my street and I felt I could link more to what she was saying. She does seem very positive and has had much good fortune. I am not sure if it will work for others to the same degree, but with cautious ‘spending’ confidnce will increase and positive results will cause the user to be more happy and confident for future purchases.

    I have put it to the test, albeit very gingerely and have yet to be disappointed. An example, for anyone interested was when my toilet broke quite recently. I am flat broke at the moment and could only really affors to approach a family friend to do the work for me. Unfortunately, he is a hard man to get hold of and will usually not return calls. You can wait weeks or months for him to get in contact. I am still waiting for him to come and do some measurements in the kitchen after I asked in January. So, I put the cosmos to the test. I asked that Jon would not only be available to sort my problem asap, but the price would be reasonable in view of my financial situation at present. This was Monday 07.08.06. I called and left a voicemail message for him. Within 2 hours he had returned my call, within 48 hours he had carried out the work and afterards said, lets call it 20 quid. The cosmos doing it’s stuff or coincidence? Either way it worked for me. As I mentioned, it generally takes weeks or months for him to get back to you with him being so busy. I am convinced and already thinking about larger orders. Am still at the stage where I am a tad nervous in case it doesn’t wuite work out.

  7. I rather liked the website of as the author openly says he does not apologise for how he exudes riches. Isn’t this what cosmic ordering is all about? How to get rich quick, and I am starting to believe it. I have followed two authors, Andornicus Andronicu (a mouthful) and Stephen Richards, both have great books, and they actually do give great advice, well for me anyway.

  8. I agree, from what I’ve seen of Stephen Richards he’s got exactly the right attitude. He’s positive and seizes the opprtunities when they arise which are, what I feel to be, two of the key elements behind cosmic ordering.

    Cosmic ordering is a simple concept and I think that it’s a great device for triggering positive thinking. We can achieve a lot of things if we predispose our minds towards seeing the opportunities when they arrive, and by putting in a cosmic order we help that process by focussing our unconscious mind.

    I run a site ( that makes the ordering process simple. Just fill in the form with the things you want, add an optional delivery date, press submit.. and that’s it! It’s totally free and confidential, you get a confirmation of the order for your records and then wait for it to happen.

    I’ve had a lot of positive feed back about cosmic ordering, and from one of the responses that I’ve received at my Guestbook, it’s not as new an idea as everyone thinks. My guest first wrote a list over 20 years and everything was delivered – including a bunch of flowers she’d included as a joke! There’s a lot that could be put down to pure coincidence but not everything so I think it’s definately worth a try

  9. I have recently read both Jonathan Cainer’s and Barbel Mohr’s books, and enjoyed each in their own way. I decided to be positive and put my orders in. One wish was to be able to help my son who has been under a lot of strain lately and needed medical help, which he would not seek, no matter how much I asked him. Two days after I put my order in he agreed to see a doctor, but we had a problem as he had just moved back home and wasn’t registered with a doctor. I rang my own practice without much hope because it usually takes ages to get through and then you have to wait for a couple of weeks to get an appointment. The practice answered after the third ring and the doctor agreed to see him if I could get him to the surgery within half an hour! Utterly amazing. Then a couple of days later I won £100 just when I needed it, equally amazing as I rarely win anything. I feel very positive about Cosmic Ordering and I can’t wait for the rest of my orders to be filled.
    Peace and positivity to you all x

  10. How do you actually place an order? I just bought Noel Edmonds book – it arrived today and I have read it half way through and skimmed the rest, but it is mainly about Noel and his career – although it is interesting about being positive. I also lliked his idea about any negative or bad feelings about the past write them down and burn them.

  11. Oh dear Anne

    I think many people have been misguided into thinking Nole’s book was actually about the Cosmic Ordering process. i would strongly advise you to read Barbel’s book to ensure you get a clear understanding of the process. Whilst it would be easy to tell you just how to do it, I think it is important to have the guidance that you will only understand having read the book.

    On a more personal note, my second order came through today. A small sum of money to help me through what has been a very expensive month or so. So I am delighted, feeling very positive (there’s the key) and beginning to build the courage to place more substantial orders.


  12. Hi ,I’m unsure what exactly you have to do to to “place an order”,can anyone enlighten me?
    many thanks in advance,

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  14. Hi Linda and Vera,

    I used to wonder the same thing, but I don’t think there are any special instructions. Whether you just ask the cosmos for something in your head, or have some special ordering ceremony ritual, it should work just as well if it is going to. I’ve only placed the odd order to give it a try, but I’m yet to be convinced!

    Good luck with your orders 🙂

  15. Thanks Janine,I’ve just “placed ” my order so hopefully I’ll be able to contact you again when something comes from it!

  16. Hi, i’ve just found this site and thought I’d offer my thoughts on the subject. I’ve also read Barbel Mohr’s book, and I have placed a few order. I have to say so far so good! I was very unsure and quite skeptical at first, even now I still have doupts but the proof has kind-of spoken for itself. And as Barbel says in her book, the first time she ordered it worked and she only did it to prove her friend wrong! I first heard about it through a friend of my mothers, apparently shes been doing it for years and swears by it, so does her husband. I’ve recently placed my first really large order though, that includes a fixed date for the delivery – which is tomorrow, so. . . watch this space! Good luck for all you others, i hope it works for you.

  17. Well i am new to all of this, and the last 4 months of my life have been turned completely upside down, and i am finding it very hard to be positive at all.
    I have just started reading a few books about it all, and it does give you more of a positive outlook, that there is someone / thing working for you, to make things in life happen. But i am scared about placing an order, just in case it doesn’t work. Did anyone else feel this way?

  18. Hi Wanting to be positive et al

    I may not be too helpful here. See my comments above. I have found placing orders easy and the small things have happened. Therefore, I maintain a degree of optimism about CO. However, I stepped out and placed larger orders and they have not happened for me. Whilst the COS seems to work for some it certainly hasn’t worked for me. My initial enthusiasm has disappeared and would welcome any suggestions from people who it has worked for. I still have one or two items outstanding but I do not feel they will happen. What exactly do you all see as the very essence of CO? Is it positivity or is it actually establishing a link with the cosmos?

    However, beginners, order something small and trivial. That part at least worked for me.

    Si. 🙂

  19. From my understanding the fact that you state that you do not feel they will happen is what the problem is…………
    I’m new to all this but so far I know that you have to believe it WILL happen for it to actually happen…………….have you seen the secret?

  20. Chris

    Have you seen it on line or bought the DVD? Just wondering if it works in region 2 UK. Has it changed you?

    Thanks Simon 🙂

  21. I watched it online but had to buy it aswell.

    I do listen to it most days and I was thrilled and quite emotional when I first saw it and wondered why I hadn’t known about it before. I felt quite cheated.

    Now though I have to admit that it has become part of my daily thinking so yes I believe it has changed me. And yes it does work in the UK.

  22. Nice one Chris. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me about this. Will take a look.

    Simon 🙂

  23. Thanks for that Chris! I think it’s been like that since the clocks went back here – eeek! It should be fixed now though – apologies.

  24. Gained 3 parking spaces easily, when ordered – since Jan. lst.
    Obtained the last 2 passport application forms, from a sub postoffice, which is not supposed to stock them !
    Will now try an Order for healing.

  25. I feel exactly the same as most of the contributors here. A friend gave me a copy of “The Wish book 2007” for Christmas. It’s nice.It helps you place your orders and keep track of the order and most of all how you are feeling (negative/positive etc.).
    I enjoy writing it up and reading back over the past few weeks to see how things are going.

    My example of Cosmic Ordering is as follows:
    I want to compete in a triathlon. Never did it before or anything like it to be honest.
    I wrote this in my “list of wishes” in the Wish Book 2007.

    Today (23rd January) I went to the swimming pool at lunch time. Never did this before either. Following up on a New Years Reolution I think.
    In the changing room after there was one guy there. We chatted for a few mins and low and behold the guy competed last year in triathlons!
    He had all the information ( I mean ALL) needed to start. I gave him my e-mail address and now I have all the information needed!!

    I have ordered a “bike” for the cycling part as I do not have one and I am really looking forward to the delivery. I can’t wait to see what it’s like.

    Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you up to date.

  26. I have believed in this kind of thing for years, but unfortunately have found that it can work out the complete opposite to how you wanted it to. The first time, years ago, put me off completely, as it seemed being positive and definitely believing had immediately caused the opposite to happen, almost as though I had annoyed something “up there” or “out there” who had then wanted to teach me a lesson or something for daring to think I could change my life for the better.
    Last week, I decided to try again and felt happy, carefree, completely positive with belief that this time I “KNEW” that it would work, and yet the two things I had been thinking of, instead of bringing about the conditions I had felt so positive and optimistic about, the opposite occurred instead. I purchased Barbel’s book at the weekend and in it, she tells you that sometimes the very thing that you do NOT want to happen, is what will happen first. I am wondering how this can now go right, but am still trying to be optimistic and not question the ‘wisdom’ of the universe.
    Last night, I went out on a mission to prove to myself that it does work, by demanding a result that evening, but alas, came back disappointed and feeling defeated. I am afraid that when it doesn’t work, you end up feeling worse than if you had never tried it in the first place as it destroys your confidence that it will work.
    Also, I have read in similar books of this nature, that if you are interested in a particular person and would like them in your life in the perfect way, you are not supposed to actually ask for a specific person, but Barbel’s book went into no detail about this, so I am still none the wiser about why this would be wrong, and anyway, if the principles work as Barbel claims they do, then it wouldn’t make any difference if you think of a specific person. But whatever, I did not expect the specific person I had in mind to be gone from the area where I live 24 hours after I’d asked for a way to become friends with them. I’d be grateful for any helpful thoughts on this, as right now, I feel very depressed about it all.

  27. Hi edith

    I read in Jonathan Cainer’s book that it is in order to ask for the ideal man or woman for you. he says that it makes it easier for your guardian angel to find this person. As oppossed to asking for a specifc height, age, hair color and other spcificrequirments.

    Sad to say. I totally disbelieve in CO at the moment. I maintain a keen interest and am hopeful to hear of people’s success but to be honest, I am a firm believer in what will be will be. And if you are wishing / ordering things that are meant to be then you will receive and therefore believe in it. This is a far cry from my previous posts and initial elation at minor success. But no amount of positivity, inner most belief and committment to this process will make the most trivial of orders come true. Sorry people, but its just the way it has transpired for me. I am sad about it.


  28. Hi Simon, thanks for reply, though alas, not the kind of reply I was hoping for, I so wanted to hear some words of explanation for why the opposite to what I had asked for happened instead of what I wanted, or someone who could relate how the same thing happened to them initially, but only to come right shortly afterwards.
    What worries me is why asking for something can actually bring about the complete opposite instead. How on earth is that supposed to inspire confidence? It almost makes you feel as though the very act of trying this has worsened things instead of the desired result.
    As to the asking for a specific person, I think when they say you can specify the ‘type’ of person, (as Barbel states she did) that is permissible, but what about when you are wanting an actual person who you have seen and like, to be involved in your life, as a friend, and in the perfect way, (as I have read you should ask, that you must specify that it should work in the perfect way, to avoid the possibility of you getting what you have asked for, but in a way that you didn’t exactly want) no-one seems to have any explanation for why you should not ask for a specific person who you know of and feel you could help too, if only they would give you a chance, no-one has explained why you are not supposed to ask for something like that. Surely, if the process works, as these people making huge sums of money from their books, would have us believe, then if the process works, it works, there should be no conditions attached, or it only works if you can only ask for certain things, because that is imposing limitations, and according to these authors, there is no limitation to Universal Mind. If it doesn’t work for you, they try to imply that you have gone wrong or done something wrong, either not believing enough or feeling negative, but what about when you do believe and it still doesn’t work, you end up feeling even worse, and anyway, Barbel claimed that it worked for her, even though she didn’t believe, so there is a contradiction there for a start.
    I’m wondering if any of these people who claim that they have used if for years and it has always worked for them, can offer any help here, I always think a silence is very telling when one is asking why something like this has failed to work, at the very least, you’d think the successful ones could offer words of encouragement.
    I dont see in any of these books, anywhere, where the authors have any advice about this, they tell you that it works and that’s that. What I like about Barbel’s book at least, is that she doesn’t expect you to perform lots of tedious rituals or meditation techniques which only serves to annoy some of us, one shouldn’t need all that paraphernalia, it’s the belief alone that is supposed to make it work, but by that criteria alone, one could make bad things happen and wish harm on others, so how do the principles of cosmic ordering apply there?

  29. Just to add a footnote here. Years ago, I read a book called The History and Power of Mind, by one Richard Ingalese.
    I had read a short magazine piece years before that, just a few lines, which stated that if you believe, without one shadow of a doubt, then what you truly believe has to come true, and then, a few years later, a friend told me of the Ingalese book, which was the first book that I read on the subject.
    I believe the basic principles make sense and probably this book explains better than any others I have read about the whole process.
    There may of course be deep rooted reasons for why it never worked for me, but I believe it is the best book on the subject I have read, and goes into more details about how and why it works, and explains a little about why it may not work for some.
    I have seen that the book is still available after doing a search just now.
    It may be of use to anyone here who has not yet heard of it.

  30. I understood that to ask for a specific person would be trying to change their freedom of choice which would backfire anyway.

    Could it possibly be that you haven’t allowed enough time to pass for these events to happen?

  31. i understand what you are saying Chris, but in this case, it isn’t just that I like this person, I want to help them. I’m sure that I can, and they certainly need some proper help and guidance, but now they are no longer living in the immediate neighbourhood, and obviously I cannot go around and start hanging about where I’ve heard they are now staying, as this would be wrong. I merely want them brought into my orbit to speak to me again so I may take the opportunity of talking to them about their problems and hopefully get to know them better and find out if I can help them. I just want the chance to find out if I could make a difference, I feel sure I could. No-one else seems to care about them and I fear for them if they don’t get the right kind of help very soon.
    As for the amount of time, how long is one supposed to wait? The irony is that the very next night after I’d placed my ‘order’, this person was removed from the area, so drastically reducing my chances of getting closer to them.
    I looked at the website of Stephen Richards, after reading the comment about his picture, I was scared to look in case he was some old, fat, balding, dreadful looking man, but was pleasantly surprised, he may look a bit of a poser, but he is displaying quite brazenly the fact that he is now wealthy, which is the point, surely, and hey, at least he has hair! LOL

  32. Hi folks,
    I volunteer in a helpline for people up to the age of 18. People call in anonymously to talk about their lives problems, chat etc. Sometimes its serious and sometimes its funny.
    My job is to listen. I cannot give advice.
    In 100% of the cases you never know how that person got on after that call.
    All I know is that they placed an order and what resulted was a call to us.
    My assumption is that the cosmos took care of them the way they had ordered.
    In your case Edith the person has ordered something and the cosmos has led them to a different location. If the cosmos needs you to help the circumstances will work in that way.

    wWhat specifically did you order in this case?

  33. Edith, I think you and I are quite different as if I felt as strongly as you obviously do I would take the bull by the horns and get myself over there. Maybe the move will help because it will be more obvious that you really do care where as otherwise it may not have been so. Get over there girl but be prepared as if it does backfire at least you would have tried to do something about it. Why shouldn’t you do some of the running?

  34. Hi Brian, and Chris.
    I asked merely to become friends with this person. It’s complicated, there are ambivalent factors involved. I don’t feel I want to go into too much detail on a public forum, but I have felt intuitively they have had some kind of ‘interest’, though sometimes displayed in a negative way. I have understanding and desire to help but do not actually know them, so cannot rush in, (would probably frighten them senseless if I did! LOL) Am flattered if you think I am under 18, that was a very long time ago, he is 18, so another reason for caution on my part. Don’t want to be misinterpreted. I can see how much he needs help though. I am thinking of doing something anonymously, not even sure he is where I have heard, but just in case, send some literature, just so he knows someone out there cares and that the whole world is not against him.

  35. I notice there is totally different approaches between Barbel’s view and Stephen Richards’ {I now have his CD}. Barbel tells you to forget any form of therapy or counselling, but just to neutralise any negativity with making a ‘stronger commitment’ to yourself. Richards, on the other hand, says anyone with low self esteem should not attempt cosmic ordering but should seek counselling instead, and anyone with a mental health problem should also not use it. Quite why, he says this, I do not know.
    He talks about the limitlessness of the universe and then imposes limitations on it by statements such as those, and also, “there is not enough winning lottery tickets to go round” etc.
    I was recently talking to someone who has believed in these techniques implicitly and has been using them for over 40 years, and still believes in them now, in spite of them never actually supplying any of which he has asked for! He says the reason it hasn’t worked for him, is because he is “obviously” doing something wrong, and maybe unresolved problems from his childhood, negativity, is responsible for preventing his wishes from coming true. I see no benefit in a belief system that serves to blame the believer for when the belief system fails to deliver the goods or conditions it promises to deliver if one only believes. This person does believe in the process, but it does not give him what he wants. Barbel claims not to have believed, yet it gave her what she asked for exactly on time and in all details. So, what is going on here? I feel now, that maybe this kind of thing gives people false hope and can serve to make already unhappy people even more unhappy. So what is the point of it all? I wish I had never tired it myself the last time I did, and then perhaps the complete opposite of what I wanted to happen, would not have happened.
    I would like someone like Barbel to read these comments on this forum and give their prospective on this. Either it works for everyone, or it works for only some people, or it works for no one and anything else is a result of luck combined with positive thinking, and extremely high self esteem. Either way, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would appreciate some answers. {That does not involve spending money on yet another book!].

  36. Hi Lyn, I looked at the site, but could not think of how to word the order, as it is really that I am worried about this person and want to help them. I have found they are now somewhere else in a different town and have been in trouble, but I can’t keep going to the town in the off-chance that I may see them. Even if I did see them, I would have to find a reason to speak to them as even though they would recognise me and know me from the area they have moved out of, (this was forced on them by the way) they probably wouldn’t speak to me as they would have no real reason to.
    Incidentally, last night, I tried placing an order as specified in the Stephen Richards book. I was relaxed and confident and intended going to the town today where this person is currently residing and just hope to see them and have the opportunity of speaking, where all would go according to plan and I would then be in a position to help them, but as I was doing the ‘ordering’ relaxed and feeling confident that THIS TIME it definitely was different and going to work, in the midst of feeling happy and confident about placing the order, I suddenly felt what seemed like a cold draught on my face, almost as though a cold hand had been placed on my face, there was no draught coming from anywhere, and it immediately changed my mood, all the confidence evaporated and I felt suddenly anxious, I kept thinking, something is wrong, what has happened? I then became afraid in case something has happened to this person, I had a horrible feeling I could not shake off. Today, I went to the town, much later than planned, as missed the train, I tried to be hopeful, but wandered around cold and not seeing who I was hoping to see anywhere. The town is very bleak and depressing just dead really, much much worse than the area he had to leave which has local late shops and a quite busy shopping centre. I don’t understand what the feeling of coldness on my face was, or where it came from, I have heard that entities from the spirit world can touch you with a feeling of coldness but I have tried not to think along those lines, but it did give me a nasty feeling and totally destroyed the ordering process which had been going well until that feeling of coldness on my face brought me up with a jolt. I have no way of finding out if the person is all right who I wish to be friends with, I still am hoping for help from the cosmos, but don’t know how to disperse the negative feelings now writhing around in me.

    Has anyone else trying the principles in Stephen Richards’ book experienced anything like this? If only the authors would advise you of how to deal with something like this happening, but when something like this happens, which is not allowed for and no advice or reassurance given about it, it can be very alarming and worrying, and then, of course, all hopes of a successful ‘order’ are banished.

  37. Sorry Edith,
    I meant to say on the Q&A page you can ask questions but I have never used it so I dont know how long it takes to get a reply.

  38. Thank you Lyn. I had a look there, I may well send an email.
    I notice how in one of the responses, he states that one should avoid negative people who may be hostile to your wishes. Unfortunately, I find myself in that situation, a long-standing friend who I have come to rely on in so many ways, (not something I can just walk away from at the moment, as so many factors involved), well, he has been strongly willing to make disappear or to have misfortune befall on or have physical harm happen to, the person who I have wished to befriend. He has often boasted of his strong mind and how he can make things happen to people he doesn’t like, and he didn’t like this person at all, no reason not to, apart from reasons of jealousy and bitterness.

    I have never discussed with him, my hopes to become friends with this person, but I think he sensed my liking for them and resented it. I realise that a TRUE friend, would have considered my feelings and not have wished harm on someone who I liked, but as I explained, not a situation I can walk away from, owing to practicalities and me being very low and depressed right now. I feel it has been almost a battle of wills, there is no-one who I can confide in who would wish for my wish to come true, and my ‘friend’ cannot understand the desire to feel compassion for anyone who he, personally, disapproves of. (Also, as the person has been forced to move away, owing to a misfortune in their circumstances, you can appreciate I am feeling very shaky about it all, as my ‘friend’ has got his way and is triumphant that this person has now disappeared out of the neighbourhood}.

  39. The way I feel right now, the people who write these kind of books should be sued for giving false hope to already desperate people.
    Who are the kind of people who read these books? People who are happy and content with their lives? Of course not. They are read by sad unhappy people who will clutch at any straw going if it offers them hope. The problem with this kind of thing is it just does not work, pure and simple. No matter how much you believe. That makes it even worse when it doesntl work. Then they make you feel even worse by trying to make you feel it is your own fault when it doesn’t work, as though you have done something wrong, or at any rate, you are not doing it right. I see that Barbel Mohr is publishing another book soon, about what to do if it does not work for you! So the sad desperate people will spend even more money hoping against hope, that just maybe, THIS time the book will hold the answers for why the cosmos doesn’t hear them, like them, listen to them, work for them, when it works for everyone else, as the books claim. Sorry, but how much time has to go by before one has to accept that this kind of thing, does not work, coincidences sometimes happen, but that is all it is, coincidence. If these principles worked then I would not be feeling like this right now!

  40. Nothing worked. What happened was the very opposite of what I had asked for. See my earlier posts above. Two things, or rather, conditions, I asked to bring about. I felt positive and full of hope and belief that this would happen. A mere few HOURS later, the complete opposite occurred in BOTH cases. I kept hoping this was somehow the cosmic way of working, and a temporary hiccup, that if I had faith, would eventually come right. I still maintained faith in the process, though all to the contrary had happened instead. Now one situation is completely irreversible, and nothing has happened regarding the other situationm which I wrote about in my earlier posts. I was talking to someone else tonight, who has spent years reading every book on this subject, and listening to every tape and cd of the same, and he is also completely disillusioned and frustrated with it and feeling he has been conned into believing in a false hope. This kind of thing may work sometimes, for others, it certainly does not work for everyone, no matter how much you believe. It works as much as witchcraft or voodoo works, it’s hit or miss. We are told it works for everyone, it does not. End of story.

  41. Seems this subject has all but died here now, but I thought I’d include part of what I have sent to another blog on the same sort of subject, about “the Secret”. Some here may find the site of interest, I will post the link to it if anyone would like to see it. I posted a link there for here. [Hope that was ok. Perhaps I should have asked first?} :-/
    I have read “The Secret”, along with numerous other of these kind of books, and also occult, witchcraft, magick, {of all kinds} books, and they are all talking about the same principle.
    However, none of them seem to have very much to say about how to attract a specific person into your life. Rather, they seem to gloss over this, “The Secret” book certainly skimmed past the subject very quickly, not referring to attracting a specific person at all, but just in general. If this law works, it works, and it would mean,that anyone obsessed with a celebrity, say, would manifest that celebrity into their lives, after all, obsessed people obsess constantly about the object of their obsession, and thinking of something constantly WILL manifest it into your life, “The Secret” says so! – So how come, then, that in that case, it doesn’t work!!
    As already stated, I have been trying to bring into my life, someone whom I want to help, and like very much, but apart from the rare glimpse in the street, hardly ever now, there is nothing happening, the circumstances are never right, I cannot deal with something that is hugely difficult to achieve, I know I have to make some effort, but not when the circumstances are such that they are just never “right”, I visualise the “right” circumstances, and believe that those circumstances will come about, but that doesn’t seem to do anything, so I visualise the end result, a friendship that has already happened, these books tell us that this is all we need to do, the Universe will do the rest. Why then, has it still not materialised? I’ve even used the Chakra clearing book and cd by Doreen Virtue, but the talk of God and angels {are there such things? Not sure I even believe chakras exist] put me off and I could not go along with the meditation at all, after the third attempt, it just made me angry at the stupidity of it, and I have tried, I really have tried, I do believe in these principles, but cannot help but feel frustrated when nothing happens that I want to happen. I am very careful about how I think now, being very aware of negative thoughts and stopping them and thinking positive thoughts instead, but after a while it is almost like being at war with yourself, like you are lying to yourself and then you feel worn out with the effort of it all, and there should be no real effort, it tells us that, it should be easy, now there are books coming out about what to do when the principles DON’T work, so more money for the people selling these books.

  42. Edith,

    I am quite like you. I want things to happen. One piece of advice I have picked up and follow sometimes against my better judgement. Practice DETACHMENT!!
    In Deepak Chopra’s 7 spiritual laws of succes the 6th Chapter is “The law of Detachment”.
    At the end of the chapter it asks you to read 3 steps.

    When I have a wish now I read this section over and over and over again.

    It tends to allow you to move on from your wish in your mind but gives you the feeling that you have handed it over to someone who can take care of it.

    Go for it.

    Be patient – Thats an order.

  43. LOL. Thanks Brian. 😉

    I know, but it is so difficult to be detached about something that is important to you, I do try, but it’s difficult.

    What I find confusing is that this idea of ‘detachment’, is advocated very strongly by Barbel Mohr in her books, but in most of the others I’ve read, they tell you that sustained intent, and visualisation techniques, used regularly, and seeing yourself with the end result of what you want, is all that is needed, and you are not supposed to be half hearted about it, but really put feeling into it, and depth of feeling too, this is supposed to charge up the process with real energy or something, so you are supposed to have greater chance of success.

    I think it is probably true, that it is no use attempting anything of this nature when in a depressed frame of mind, as the universe responds to the ‘feeling’ apparently.

    One thing I will say, is that I don’t beleive it is wrong to have a specific person in mind, if it is them that you want to be friends with, then it’s becuase it’s that particular person and not another one.
    If you want a cup of tea, then it’s tea you want, not coffee, yet the principle applied here, would say that don’t ask for tea, ask for something to drink, and the universe ‘knows best’ and may provide coffee instead. But it it’s tea that you want, then you’re not going to be happy with coffee, especially if you don’t like it. (After all this, whisky may be needed, lol).

    I saw something, may have been on “The Secret” forum, where a lady was saying how she had visualised a relationship with someone with a blanked out face, and had then met and lost three posssibles, as she had bought into this thing of not thinking of a specific person and had gone on visualising a person with a blank face, she then wondered if the universe might have thought that she didn’t really want anyone, becuase she had been seeing someone with a blanked out face!

    I posted my view on that forum, and had quite positive feedback from others who feel the same that it is pointless to think of someone with no identity when you have a particular person in mind for whatever reason.

    My own experience is that, after buying into the idea of not thiniking of being friends with who I want to be friends with, I tried not to focus on them, and then didn’t see them for three months. Then I realised that this was probably not helping, after all I want to know, and help, this particular person becuase of the unique qualitites involved in this particualr situation, and it would be like then i was saying I don’t really care if it’s them , but another person with the same set of problems and giving off the same vibes and looking the same and eveything else about them being the same , and then I thought, no, it’s not as if I chose the situation, it came along, and I really do feel I can make a difference in that person’s life for the good if I have a definite chance to do so. There is no point in imagining the same circumstances with some ‘other’ that may or may not be out there somewhere, it is because of everything involved in this set of circumstances that I want to be friends with this person.
    Anyhow, after thinking and focusing on this person again, I saw him on two consecutive days recently, not to speak to , that is still not happening, but I could tell that he was aware of me being around, and at least I know he is still around, and seemingly alright, which I was wondering about.
    So, I’m thinking that attempting to not focus on that person may have been why I didn’t see him for so long.

    It doesn’t help that I have so much negative programming to try and root out, anyone with masses of confidence and high self esteem would not be in my position and would have just made friends with whomever they want, long before now.
    Thanks for listening, it’s nice to know there’s people still reading this subject.

  44. Umm, I know that we are not supposed to focus on the ‘how’ but leave that up to the universe, i usually focus on the ‘what’ i want, the finished result, and visualise certain situations in a light hearted way, like walking in the town, that kind of thing.

    Is that what you meant?

  45. Hi

    Been a while since I checked in and I have another question please. Having found out about “the secret” thanks to Chris (see above) I am just a little surprised that people tend to link the secret with cosmic ordering. Yet, with CO you place your order and forget about it, with the law of attraction ( the secret) your ‘order’ for want of a better expression, has to be something that you live and breathe and constantly visualise.

    What do others think? Are they fundamentaly one and the same thing?

  46. Hi Simon,
    Very good question.
    Could you post it on “The Secret” forum? I would be very interested to see what answers, if any, they come up with.

    Or, failing that, I can put your question there if you like, with a link to here, to see what they come up with.

  47. Hi Simon,
    Very good question.
    Could you post it on “The Secret” forum, I would be very interested to see what answers, if any, they come up with.

    Or, failing that, I could post it there if you like, with a link to here.

    N.B. I replied to this just now, but it hasn’t shown up, so apologies if it turns up twice!

  48. Hi Simon, when I have tried to post direct links to the foum, they don’t always go to the right place for some reason, so I am posting a couple of links to the Google search page, this one is for The Secret forum, click on the first link, or one of the first few links should take you to it.
    You have to sign up to be able to post anything there. It only takes a minute, I did it and posted straight away when I first joined a few weeks back.
    Here is the page:

    And also the Powerful Intentions forum, I did mention your question there in one of the threads I responded to tonight, but did not post a link to here.
    This is the Google search page for the PI forum. It is linked to The Secret forum, so you don’t have to join two forums, as long as you sign up with the main PI site, you can automaticaly post to both:

    What I said on the PI forum was that when we are told to place our order and then forget about it, it is very hard to do that if it is something important to you. If you could just forget about it that easily, then it couldn’t be that important so what would be the use of ordering it anyway?

  49. I don’t know if anyone has gone to either of those two forums, but I thought I should warn you that they are a bit like “The Stepford Wives” there, especially the “Powerful Intentions” forum.
    If you have had problems getting the cosmic ordering/ “Law of Attraction” process to work for you and you post about it, if you question certain aspects of the process or are concerned with how appying the principles may relate to mentally ill people, you will be blocked and your posts removed, amid cries of “Just because you can’t get it to work for _you_, don’t come here raining on _our_ parade!” I have seen this happen to people posting asking for help or with genuine concerns, and because I defended those people, I was then picked on also. And all this from seemingly ‘loving’ people! – Underneath all the nicey nicey “aren’t we all wonderful” veneer, lurks something very nasty if you scratch the surface.
    If their ‘faith’ was that secure, they would welcome question because they would be able to assist people in spreading the word, as it is, people are going away with the idea that the whole process is false and the people who teach it are charlatans only out to make a profit, and that is a shame.
    I thought I had better warn people who may be reading here and follow the links I posted, because I felt a little guilty when I saw what has happened in there recently, and I didn’t want the same thing happening to anyone else who may have gone there because of the links I posted.

  50. Edith – I’ve been into the CO for a few years now and have only just bought the book, which I’m about to read and have stumbled onto this site. Have you read “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattles (writen about 1920)? You can search the PDF file on Google and download it for free. It’s the original teachings that “The Secret” and other items of this nature are largely based on. He goes on to write “The Science of Gratitude” and “The Science of Being Well”. You and Simon may enjoy them.

    As to Simon’s question about the law of attraction, in the movie you’ll recall a guy has just moved into his new house and his little boy sitting on a box kicking it. He opens the box to show his son the contents and finds his wish board with a picture of the exact house that he has moved into. The wish board he made up 5 years previously and forgot. He placed his order and went on with his life. It was 5 year later and his wish came true. He didn’t hold the vision or meditate on it at all.

    There are different strokes for different folks. If you want to hold the vision then please do. Just don’t keep on adding to it or changing it. Once you have placed your large order, keep it exactly the same or forget about it and carry on with your life – trust the universe to do its bit.

    As to my own manifestation, I also started with parking spaces and gaps in traffic to cross roads, etc. and have since manifested a nice little private practise, and am now heading towards packing in my parttime employment to expand. I have also manifested a little charity work. Its taken a bit of time but I started out not knowing what I wanted and its all falling into place as I go.

  51. P.S. Start with yourself. Order what you want and keep others out of it as far as possible. As you get stronger at this you will be able to include others. You have to crawl before you run.

  52. I really like the 10 Power Principles book. It looks at cosmic ordering thru a personal viewpoint, placing the emphasis on the person doing the asking rather than the universe. It works well. Take a look

  53. ive just recently read the book and placed my firsy order guys, im so elated, i feel lke magic has entered my life and all of a sudden i have a new outlook….
    little things are starting to happen, i will keep you informed, ive just ordered my dream fella

  54. Hi All

    How is CO going for you all? I am disappointed I am unable to muster the deep rooted belief it will work for me and yet remain fascinated. Hope some of you may have some tips. For me its the keeping positive approach that I just cannot do. Not given up yet though.

    Keep happy.


  55. I had a few chances throughout last year where if I had only had the nerve to say something I could have talked to that boy I still feel strongly connected to, but each time it seemed too difficult for me to cope with saying anything, for very good reasons which I am not going into. I stupidly believed that the universe would go on supplying more until the ‘right’ one came along where I would be able to speak to him and hopefully get to know him, and that the universe would be good enough to make it an easy opportunity. Unfortunately no more came and it’s been ages now and I feel totally disappointed with the whole thing. The people in The Secret forum don’t want to hear failure stories, they blame the people who can’t make it work and say it’s your own fault somehow, that you’re negative or whatever, and yet I haven’t seen any ‘big’ success story there, only people saying how they were unhappy before they ‘discovered’ The Secret and then once they realise that everything they want is already within themselves then they don’t really want anything else anyway, and that is such a cop out.
    I know people who are the complete opposite to how The Secret and the Law of Attraction believers say that you ought to be before you can get it to work, and yet these ‘unbelievers’ are getting what they want in spite of the fact that they are always moaning and bad tempered, manipulative and negative in so many ways, they get what they want and don’t even stop to feel grateful, but some of the people in The Secret forum want to crucify anyone who says so, because it goes against what they beleive in. They don’t want to hear the failure stories or the contradictions to their beliefs cuz it maybe puts fear and doubt into their own minds, but apart from people saying they manifested parking spaces, or silly things like a pink feather or whatever, there is nothing really big that anyone seems to have achieved.
    I am very disillusioned with the whole thing, and I am someone who has been trying to practive these principles for years, long before the Cosmic Ordering Service or The Secret was ever written. I have read The Science of Getting Rich and The Magic of Believing, along with a whole host of other books on the subject, I have used the chakra clearing cd by Dorren Virtue that Stephen Richards recommended to me, (he is the author of another cosmic ordering book), nothing has worked how I have wanted.
    One of the problems with this kind of thing is that it can give you false hope that you really are going to get all that you want and need, and then when you eventually have to reassess and admit that it just hasn’t happened, you feel very unhappy, which of course is supposed to be a block to manifesting anyway. They tell you that you don’t ‘love yourself’ or not enough, if you can’t get it to work, and they also tell you that yoiu have to be totally happy and satisfied with all that you have already and not want or need anything else, and if that is true, then what is the point anyway? If you don’t want anything else, then you wouldn’t need to be reading any of these books in the first place. You can be already happy with yourself and grateful for everything you already have, as I am, but it doesn’t mean you cannot ever be unhappy because of loving someone or not having enough money to pay bills, but they think that if you ‘need’ something, you will push it away, and yet some of them say that you only get what you need not what you actually want. There are so many contradictions and when you scratch the surface of some of these so-called ‘spiritually minded’ people (because oh yes, you have to be ‘spirtitual’ too) there is often somethng quite nasty festering underneath.
    They tell you what you _can’t_ or _shouldn’t_ be asking for, and yet nowhere in The Secret does it tell you that there are things or conditions you cannot have, it promises you can have “anything” you want, that it is like having your own personal geni, and yet this is a total lie.
    Has a bald man been able to grow back all his hair? Or a woman been able to stop the menopause through the power of thought? Or a deaf person developed hearing through ‘ordering’ it from the universe? Or a person of 75 making themselves look 17 again through the power of thought? Or an old person getting a young person to fall in love with them? I recall someone writing in The Secret forum that some guy had died after jumping off a roof believing that he could fly after reading The Secret. I’m only amazed that the authors of these books are not being sued.
    I’m sorry if this sounds negative, but I also am still struggling to hold on to some faith in the process. Maybe if you only want small things that are not too difficult, then you will get some odd occurances and coincidences happening, but anything really important remains evasive. Just how long is one supposed to wait? That is the question. We don’t have forever.

  56. Yes. You are right. There are all these questions. Will it help if I tell you about my experience? Maybe. In 2006 I had the opportunity to purchase a business for R45000.00 (South African Rands) and this was my personal annual income. I couldn’t afford it. I need to live too. So I told my angels (I talk to my angels) that if this was meant to be mine, I will get it for free. I would be able to help people with it and would do so for free if the people couldn’t afford my price and I would charge the people who could afford and use that money to replenish stocks to keep the business running and to supplement my income. I then released this subject from my mind and didn’t think about it again. About a month later, I received a phone call to come and fetch the products for free. They are now in my home office. I help a lot of people for free and quite a few pay. My income from this is about R1000.00 per month.
    It is my experience that if you put all your heart and soul into wanting something, what you get is the wanting something.
    If you put your wish out as if it is already yours and then release it from your mind, it appears when you least expect it.
    Never ask for somebody else. How do you know if that person has different ideas about who they want to be with? You may ask for a partner but never someone specific.
    When you do ask for something (or someone), make sure that there is space in your life for it. The universe loves a vacuum and will fill it quickly. Read up on Feng Shui. It does help to create a peaceful, friendly environment that is welcoming. It can also create the vacuum that is necessary.
    All of these books are lessons in faith. Total faith. You can read your Bible and get all of these messages from it. It will also teach you a lot more on the subjects and if you don’t have one, you can download one for free.
    If you are looking for a partner, join a study group. These a neutral environments that don’t always charge. It is one way of getting to meet people and be seen and heard so that people get to know the real you underneath all the layers of protection and rejection.
    Most of all, have fun!
    Well, I hope this can help.

  57. Hi Edith

    First off, who gives a stuff what people in certain forums think? They walk away from your negative comments as they do not want to believe anything other than what they think and that of like minded individuals. I see this behaviour in may differing forums I use so I wouldn’t take it personally. And whilst I have had a moan above, I do think that the positivity element has a huge amount to do with it. And that is the bit I cannot muster. But, I agree with you about comments about ordering hair and hearing etc. With CO being so new in comparison to generally accepted belief systems, it will be some time before it has any kind of credance. When that arrives, I am sure that a CO ‘Guru” will have some kind words that will justify anything.

    I look back to when it first worked for me. It was with the leak in the loo and how I was buzzing all over at the thought and determined belief that it would work. Shortly after the money arrived as I needed a tad support there. And then it was downhill. I have almost pleaded for certain things as time has gone by and I cannot get back to the ‘state’ that the receivers get into in order to make it work. At the moment, I do not believe that Barbel or Cainer or Edmonds could go some way to give advice on this. I think sheer luck has much to do with it.

    Chin up Edith. 🙂


  58. Hi Simon, it’s the little things like parking spaces that keep us going. It’s so easy to manifest a parking space or a gap in the traffic. It’s the important stuff that we try too hard to get because we really, really NEED it. That’s why I fill in the time with parking and gaps. Just to keep the faith. I also fill in the gaps by asking for a peaceful day at work – that those who are zagging will find themselves out of the office while I’m zigging… It even does work sometimes.
    What has worked is that my part-time business is going from strength to strength. It’s reaching the point where I will have to give up my day job to run it.
    What hasn’t worked is asking for something from nothing. Even the parking can’t materialize if I don’t leave the yard. So if I want a fat cheque in the mail, I have to have something to give first. A nice way to earn “passive income” is to write a book and publish it on the web (put the wish out that someone wants it and forget about it). That is what the “Secret” and “Cosmic Ordering” is. It’s someone’s CO. And each time someone buys the book, they receive a fat cheque. Everyone who has a fat cheque also has a partner.
    So…. Let’s get busy.

  59. Thanks Grace. I see what you are saying. Sometimes I forget that I ask for a lot of little things that I do receive. Like a nice day for something not to be as bad as I think, my parking space at home always to be free (selfish people) etc etc. But I dont feel greedy asking for some other things. Like personal happiness and just help in maintaining what I have. It does seem that some people get it all. 🙁

    But thanks for the reply. 🙂

  60. Hi, Simon. Thank you for the reply. I read somewhere that you should write a list of everything you are going to do tomorrow. Start off with switching off the alarm and include your whole personal daily routine. Include things like brushing your teeth and doing the dishes; your routine work at work and any other specific tasks you would like to do tomorrow. At the end of tomorrow, go through your list and give yourself a pat on the back for every item completed on the list and feel good about it. Don’t acknowledge the things you didn’t do because they don’t exist until they are done, just put them onto the next day’s list and try to fit them in the next day. Your mind will only allow you to be happy if it can have a reason to be happy. This is a way to let your mind feel that for each planned thing achieved, it has a reason to be pleased with you.

    As for maintaining what you have, set goals (budgets). At the beginning of every month, decide what you are going to do with your income at the end of the month. At the end of the month, do exactly what you intended to do. Always try to budget a small amount for maintenance. Start with perhaps 3% of your income and as the smaller items get paid finished, increase the maintenance %. Also build up to a savings account of about 10% of your earnings that you can eventually use for bigger projects. This helps you to free your mind during the month and you know exactly what to do at the end of the month so that you don’t loose any sleep over wondering and can plan your manifesting.

    I keep a manifesting journal. I have my budget, my happy points lists, my pictures of things I want to manifest, everything in my journal. I have R20 notes that I scanned and changed into R20 000 notes stuck all over my journal, inside and out. I have an envelope at the back in which I place a letter about anything bad that happens to me. Anything that is bothering me. Every now and then, I read the letters, decide if they are still bothering me or not, if yes, I write some more and put it back in the envelope, if not, I burn them and they’re gone for good. I must say that I haven’t added any letters for a while now. I also don’t read through my journal often. Maybe once a year now. I just add all the time.

    Another thing that I do constantly is the Feng Shui decluttering. Anything broken goes, anything not used for a year goes, cupboards are cleaned and tidyed regularly. Somehow, when all is ship-shape inside and out, good things tend to come streaming in. When I’m in a busy period, I take half an hour every night before bed just to do one section of a cupboard or a corner of a room. It may take a few months to cover the house properly, othertimes it just takes a weekend, but when it’s done… it’s great.

    Have fun…

  61. Well, most of these ‘spritiual’ techniques I have tried over time. You name it, I’ve most likely tiied it. I don’t find that any of that really resonates well with me. it is unnessasary really, it is the belief that is supposed to make it happen, and even when I have believed, it still hasn’t worked out how I wanted.
    As for not meant to be asking for anyone specific, I completely disagree with that as it totally depends on the circumstances, and what yiu are asking for.

    Anyhow I was given loads of chances regarding this boy, the first in the very week when I had asked for something to happen, but, because I had totally _forgotten_ that I had asked for something to happen in that specific week, when it did I was not expecting it and so did nothing, and I was presentied with very good opportunities, not once but three times in one day and then twice more that week! But each time I did nothing, because after the first opportunity when I wasn’t prepared and so couldn’t think of anything to say or do, the next times would have been more difficult for me anyway as other people were present for one thing and the situation is not that straightforward.
    I was then given more good opportunities throughout last year, quite regularly, just when I was starting to panic about not getting any for a while, another chance would come along, but still I felt unable to do anything as I wanted a ‘perfect’ opportunity where it would be easy, I didn’t think this was much to ask.

    I wasn’t looking for a relationship with anyone, and still am not, but this boy seems to be connected to me on a soul level, and I want to find out what the connection is.
    He was aware of me for quite a time and used to try and get my attention but in a negative and annoying way, and I thought of him as a nuisance, even after I got a good look at him one day and saw how cute he is, it was quite a while afterwards that I started to feel the connection with him, so, in that event, it would be pointless for me to ask the universe for another person, because the connection is with him, but I have always acted as though I don’t even notice he exists, and that is something in me, how I always am when I like someone and that is not anything that the universe or cosmic ordering can help with as it is something I have to overcome in myself. I am fine with people who mean nothing or who I am totally indifferent towards, but as soon as anyone starts to mean something, I act as though I don’t like them, like I am putting myself off before I get too deeply involved or something, I don’t know, but apparently it is very common to behave in such a silly self sabotaging way, but I am working on that.

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) helps, and that is at least one good thing that I have got out of The Secret forum, as it was there that I first heard about it.

    Also, heard about The Field, which I then bought but haven’t read yet. It’s by the same author as the What Doctors Don’t Tell You book, Lynne McTaggart, and she has written a follow up book called the Intentions Experiment but I haven’t got that one, though in it she apparently states that where we are all connected in some way, other people’s thoughts and maybe opposing intentions, can and do interact with and impinge upon one’s own, and can totally conflict with what you may want, and I guess if enough people in society want one thing, and they are all in basic agreement and you want something else, unless you have an extremely strong mind, then they will get their way and that could be bad for you if they are all against you or want the opposite to what you want. Some people have read those books and been freaked out by what is says in them, but if you think about it, it becomes obvious that it makes perfect sense. Years ago I read “The Unknown Spirit” by Jean Charon, and that book states that the electrons that whizz around all our atoms, contain a form of consciousness, and learn and then somehow pass it on to all other electrons, and all this explains the reincarnation theory and telepathy, and this is something that has been found by scientists and physicists and so cannot be so easily dismissed as it would be if it were being put forwards by people like psychics or new age beleiver types who could be termed crackpots, when science ‘discovers’ these things, then it is taken more seriously.

    Anyhow, the reason why the CO doesn’t work for some, could well be that other people’s intentions are interfering with your own or opposing them, or they may want something completely different for you than what you want for yourself or may not want you to have something or do something that you would feel happy with, because people have their own motives, their own reasons and own agenda for why they could oppose you and this could be from your friends and/or family too.
    This is why some people say never tell anyone what you truly desire as others could block it, and not even necessarily knowing that they are doing so.

  62. Hi Edith,
    I’ve read The Field and it is a very informative book. I really had a lot of things confirmed for me. It was a bit hard going at first while I figured out what it was all about but once I got into it I really enjoyed it and it has helped me to have confidence in what I beleive in.

    It’s very true that negative influences around us affect us negetively. And friends and family do leech our positive energies. They don’t always do it consciously, they just need the emotional lift they get by being in control (sub-consciously). They are just not on our wave-length and are just doing the best they can with the resources that they have available to them. I do the Doreen Virtue meditation where I ask the angels to sever all the emotional tubes that connect me to anyone who is draining my energy. I then put up a protective shield that doesn’t allow anyone to latch on to me. I found that when I started doing this, my relationships change from ‘being of need’ to ‘being of love’. I didn’t loose any friends, the friendships just shifted slightly and became more honest and 2way.

    I don’t know how you feel about NLP (Neurolinquistic Programming). There are quite a few Youtube clips on various processes and it’s similar (or a part of) Hypnosis. I personally enjoy Jamie Smart’s news letters that I’ve subscibed to. Anyway, it is a coaching tool that gets used often. The one person in UK was told to go into a MacDonald’s and order Chinese food with a straight face, as if they really thought it was a Chinese food take way. Evedently, this is a great exercise in self confidence and gives you a real high. It may give you a little giggle and it may help you, check it out.

    Personally, I think that if you just said hello to the guy in question the next time you see him and look him straight in the eye would be a start. If he greets you back and turns away then just do the same every time you see him but look him in the eye until he either turns away or says something else. I don’t think that should be too much for you to do, however, you have to make up your mind that you are NOT going to turn away first and you are going to reply to whatever he says only after you have thought about the words you are going to use. You are not going to hide behind pretending to be uninterested regardless of what others may say or think. And you have to decide if you are prepared to expose your emotions. I wonder how you would really feel if you really gave yourself permission to be you?

    Try it. It may be the answer.

    By the way, you’ve mentioned a few books here that I don’t know about. I charging off to go and look them up. Thanks.

  63. Hi Grace, just a quickie, I am rushed for time as usual and have to go out, but the NLP thing, I tried a whole course of tapes on that and read books on it, many years ago, it didn’t really do anything for me then, I doubt it would now, also I have grown tired of all these different things to try, the result is always the same, I feel I have wasted time on yet another process that has done nothing to help me. i really have got to the stage now though, where I feel that I no longer need any of these ‘props’ as I already have all I need within myself, and part of this has been discovering the EFT techniques, the “Energy Pyschology” book is the one I am still getting through, almost finished now, but there are others and one really good one I have also read, if I have time next week, I will post a link to some of them if you are interested, it’s working with the energy points on the body which you tap yourself and it really takes the edge off painful emotions or gets rid of the emotional charge of unhappy memories. Apart from that one thing that I have used, nothing else has done anything for me, as I said in one of my earlier posts, I have a Doreen Virtue cd, but I found it tedious to listen to. I am one of those annoying people that nothing seems to do anything for, that is why it is so good for me that I discoverd EFT, so for that at least, I have The Secret forum to thank for it, and my boy of course, because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been in The Secret forum in the first place. If you have seen some of my earlier posts in this blog you will see that I already tried emailing Stephen Richards, he is very good at replying, but he told me that CO doesn’t work for everyone, this is the opposite to what he says in his book, where he states that it works for everyone. Oh well.

    As for my boy, the opportunities seem to have dried up now and I haven’t seen him anywhere for ages. I am so stupid to do nothing each time I had all those opportunities last year, especially the last good one I had, where I glanced at him as I walked past, and he was standing there looking up at me all expectantly, looking like he was really hoping that I was going to say something to him or acknowledge him in some way, but I looked away straight away like I would if he was anyone whose eye I had caught momentarily. It’s not easy for me, it probably would be for some people, dfferent cicumstances, situation, etc, I do like other boys as well, not just him, but he is the one who remains in my mind and won’t go, so there must be a reason for it. I just wish I could see him somewhere now, at least to know he is alright, he’s one of those cute little bad boys that hang around outside of shops being a nuisance to everyone, and not allowed in the shops, LOL, so I am often worrying that he is in trouble and maybe been put somewhere so that is why I haven’t seen him for so long, but I hope it’s not anything that keeps him ‘hidden’ for too long, as i really need to see him somehwere, it’s been too long now.

    The Unknown Spirit book is really interesting, but it was years ago I read it, I don’t think it is still in print now, but hopefully you may be able to locate a copy from somwhere.
    Must dash now. Good luck with finding the books.

  64. Hi Edith, The unknown spirit is downloadable as a pdf. However, I would rather get a hard copy. I will check the book stores when I go to the city. I have done the EFT and I agree that it is good.
    About your boy, perhaps that glance was just enough to send him back to school or college. Perhaps it was just enough to show him that there is more to life than sitting around wasting it. Perhaps you are his guardian angel and this is what you were meant to be to him at this point in his life. So I must say… “Well Done!” and thank you for caring.

  65. Well. Grace, you are enttitled to your beliefs of course, but I must say I don’t believe any of that about angels or whatever. And I very much doubt my boy would have gone to college, and he’s older than he looks so wouldn’t be at school now anyhow. Quite frankly, if he was the type to be studious then he would be a completely different person and so wouldn’t be himself at all, therefore most likely would have no interest for me, cuz it is him being who he is that I feel drawn to for some reason, and if he was completely different, which he would have to be to be a studious type, then the connection wouldn’t be there. Not to say that I would never like anyone like that, but it is so not him and he would have to have had a complete personality transplant and then he just wouldn’t be him! It’s the unique aspects of a person’s personality that makes them who they are after all, and the way they look, their genetic makeup etc, and it’s all there in him which resonates with me. I know a bit about some of the things he has been up to, trouble with the police etc, and so I’m just hoping he has kept out of trouble and not been caught for anything else. I just want to see him somewhere, if only to see he is alright.

  66. And just to add, I don’t see who has the right to pass judgement on someone and say they are “wasting” their life. If someone is happy being the way they are, then they are not wasting their life, just becuase it may not fit in with someone else’s idea of how people should be.

  67. True! I shouldn’t have said the “wasting” thing, however, have you actually thought about what you are going to do when you do see him? Or are you just going to moan about not seeing him again after you’ve seen him again?

  68. I have thought about it, but then I would have to see him again for the chance to do something about it! I could hardly “moan” about not seeing him again if I _do_ see him somewhere, so your question makes no sense.

    I just wish that I’d never heard of all this cosmic ordering, law of attraction nonsense, because then I would not have been so blase about the opportunities when they came and would probably have acted upon one instead of thinking that I didn’t have to worry because ‘the universe’ was leading up to giving me the perfect one. All the chances stopped coming. And the fact that I’m not someone who can just rush up to someone in the steet and strike up conversation with them is something I know I have to deal with, not everyone is full of confidence in that respect, and that is something I am working on. I wasn’t aware that mentioning it is the same thing as “moaning” about it! You seem far to quick to judge people, Grace! Shame your angels haven’t told you that!

  69. Edith

    Have you read Jonathan Cainer’s book on Cosmic Ordering? I vaguely recall a story of a great flood where a person is on the roof of her house as the waters rise waiting for the rescue helicopter. As time goes by people in boats come along and offer to rescue her but she refuses as she is waiting for the rescue helicopter. At least two opportunities are bypassed as the person eventually drowns because the helicopter doesn’t arrive. A simple story that stuck in my mind when I first read it.

    It seems ironic though that the astrologer advocates cosmic ordering. When I read the book, I got the feeling that he understood CO and had felt compelled to write a book (cash in) and then go back to what makes him the most money.

  70. No Simon, I haven’t read that book, but I have heard the story of the person on the roof related in The Secret forum, though there it was stated that it was a man on the roof, not a woman.
    I don’t intend reading any more cosmic ordering books as they are all saying the same thing. One good book on the subject really says it all, and no need to read any more as the basic principles are the same, it is the _belief_ that makes it happen. Or is supposed to!
    The fact remains that as I _believed_ the universe would provide more opportunities, then according to the Law Of Attraction, they should have come.
    And if I had never bought into the whole idea of cosmic ordering and the LOA, then I would have not been so blase and trusting that the universe was providing endlessly, as if you spend any time in The Secret forum, you will realise that this is what people there say, that the opportunites are limitless and that the universe never stops providing more if you feel unable to act and miss some.
    Unfortunately, the people in that forum who like to think they are ‘experts’ in how to instruct people in the LOA will also tell you that you can’t ask for certain things or that you ‘should’t’ ask for certain things, and then they start going on about karma, and the ones who do never stop to think that if karma really was true, then it would negate the LOA anyway, as it would mean that people had their “lessons to learn” and had to suffer in this life and in that case, they would not be able to get what they wanted from using CO or The Secret as they would not be allowed to have what they wanted but would have to go without what they wanted instead.

    What I have found in real life is that the people who succeed in getting what, or who, they want, do it without any consideration of the LOA and when I have described it to some of these people, they have thought the idea of CO was rubbish, and yet they get what they want, maybe because they don’t stop to think about it, but just go for whatever they want with no thought ot if it’s right or wrong or what they have to do to get it, even if it means being devious and manipulating, they do whatever it takes to get what, or who, they want, with no thought to who might get hurt in the process. Believing in all this CO and the LOA can prevent or hamper people from getting what they want as it gives you false hope in something outside of yourself and your own abilities.
    What I should have been doing was to work on inner insecurities that prevent me from taking suitable opportunites when they arrive, instead of beleiving in ‘the universe’ as something that is capable of thought and intent, as most people in The Secret forum have always stated it is, “The universe knows best” is one of the often repeated phrases there by some of the people who regard themselves as experts.
    Sadly, they are wrong.

  71. I am really confused, how should i ask should i say i would like…? or I have…? i have read some books that say write it in the present tense as if you already have it then they carry on as if asking for example
    I have a house withg windows and doors……. (then they say) it has to be blue? , which isn’t writing it in the presnt tense.
    I wish someone would write a bullet point/step by step guid about how to ask, I haven’t had a job since i left school which was 4 years ago an I AM TRYING.. i have onlu had 4 interviews changed my cv 8 times with connexions, college and job centre help and still jobless, when i found out about this i was thrilled i though wow i can get a job and boyfriend and money just by askin , Guess what i am still single jobless and broke. Its like the universe chooses to listne to others and not me. I know i might sound selfish but I need a job who doesn’t when they are 20 and i need to get out more its frustrating being inside all the time ( i can’t see my friends) one lives an hr away and my others are in college.
    anyway my question is HOW SHOULD I ASK? or give me examples about how you ask please.
    Books are always in a rush to tell you how the author did it and you have to read between the lines to find out how to do it..

    thank you for taking time to read and answer

  72. Edith I think you’re right. The enlightened people would have had the success without LOA CO etc. So I think you should deal with the inner insecurities you mentioned.

    Maybe, just maybe for some people, LOA CO is the tool people use to justify their success. Afterall. the millionaire Noel Edmonds wasn’t down on his luck. Just hadn’t been on TV for a few years.

    All the best.

  73. Hi Everyone, sorry, I’ve been out of town.

    Yes, Edith, I do a little judging, but I was actually trying to get you to think about what you could do if the opportunity presents itself. I’m also a little shy about approaching people, in the street or otherwise, however, if you can play through a few scenarious in your mind until you find one that you are comfortable with, try it out on a few acquaintances until you are really comfortable, the next time you see someone who “resonates” with you, you will think of my judgemental words at the moment when you hesitate. It will get your “back up” and you may have the confidence to go for it. Bust or brake.

    So using the CO, visualise the next time you see this chap and visualise yourself talking to him. Play it over and over. Replace him with other people and play those over and over.

    When you do meet someone it will come to you naturally. If you conscious brain steps in with doubts, you can swear at me, and go for it.

    Happy visuals…

  74. Hi Nick,

    I’m a career coach. I will assist you in your quest for your new job if you wish. Let me know what suits and what the time is there when its noon GMT

  75. Are you serious brian? i don’t know what suits me am 20 and never had a job. i have been trying since i left school. i live in england by the way,

  76. Hi all, okay I’ve seen him, first time for ages, but again I could do nothing! 🙁
    First off I wasn’t 100% sure it was him at first as it was dark. Also he was standing around with a few other people, boys and girls, and I didn’t feel like walking through them all and trying to talk to him with an audience present, gawping at me, so I made a slight detour, then appeared again a minute later and by then they had moved on a bit and on the other side of the street, though not walking together but scattered in a straggly line behind each other, but he was behaving in a way that could have got himself hurt, or arrested, or both, shouting abuse and wandering about in the road with traffic going past him, and some other boy, so-called friend of his presumably, in half hearted attempts to get him under control, shouted at him to get out of the road but neither he or the girls did anything to get him to a safer place, but he just went on shouting abuse at nothing really, just shouting at nothing and anybody who was around in the area was all looking at him, and I suppose I could have dived into the traffic to try steering him out of it, and risked everybody wondering who I was and why I was bothering, and maybe he was doing it because he’d seen me or maybe he was oblivious to the fact that I was even around cuz he didn’t appear to have seen me, but usually he does, so I don’t know if he was pretending not to have done, but even though I think he may have been shouting a bit before I came along, he didn’t start acting really extreme and making an exhibition of himself until I came along, and I’m a bit worried in case it’s something to do with the energy involved in trying anything to do with the CO or LOA as i had something strange happen concerning someone he was with last year when I saw them somewhere and started walking the same direction as they were going and something really weird happened to one of the people he was with at that time, but not good, but it would have been a good opporitnity for me to start talking, but I didn’t feel able to, but this time was not a situation that anyone would have felt like involving themselves in, if I already knew him to talk to then i would have gone and tried to do something, but I just walked on and ignored it but worrying about what was going to happen, but when I got further along past them, it went quiet so they must have gone somewhere. So this wasn’t exactly an easy situation, maybe if he had been like that but on his own, then I could have intervened and spoken to him, but he is nearly always with other people whenever I see him and that makes it even harder, especially when they, or rather, he, is causing such a commotion in a public place.

    At least I am grateful that I have seen him somewhere, at least I know he’s alright, though not really alright to behave like that, but then this is what he’s like so I’m not that surprised but this was a bit extreme even for him. I just want a situation where it would be quite easy and natural for me to talk to him, but like I say, at the moment I am just glad that I’ve seen him so at least I know that he’s still around.

  77. Nick,
    I am serious. I am in a position to help. The only thing I ask for is commitment and for the person to really want the process to work.
    At the end of the 3 seesion programme you will be clear on what area suits you and have a CV that will give you an excellent brochure to go and sell yourself.

  78. Edith, I am very glad that the universe has presented him to you again to asure you that he is still of this universe. However, I think that the universe is only replying to you. He doesn’t want the connection. It’s sad because I think you really could help him but he’s not ready yet. Give him some time. Perhaps in another place or even perhaps a few years from now. If you keep on asking the universe to present him to you, you will stop his life path progress. He must follow his own path. Perhaps he is teaching some one through his behaviour. We couldn’t possibly know. I think the universe is fully aware that you could help him and when he is ready it will send him to you ready for whatever healing he will need from you. The best at this stage that you could do is to send him blessings and let him go. Otherwise he will just stunt your progress and block off any other relationships that the universe feels are meant for you right now.

    Be open and rest easy.

  79. Really, I’m the one that has been stopping it. I’ve been holding back from doing anything every time, because that is what I do, and that is what I’ve got to change.
    Someone said to me that if they had been me they would have got to know him ages ago, because they just go for what they want, (or who they want) with not a second thought and get who they want because of it. The funny thing is that coming up to two years ago was when I first got a good look at him, when he turned round to look at me, but I just hated him then cuz of him being a nuisance, but something deep within me recognised something in him cuz underneath the usual thoughts of dislike towards him, was something else, not even in words, but thinking that he was about fourteen and that I’d have to wait two years until I could get to know him, and I pushed that feeling back down before it could even surface, and went on disliking him, not the same as before, but still with no interest in him, and then I found out a few months later that he was actually older than he looked and was 18, so immediately I knew that I wanted to know him, but wasn’t even sure I’d recognise him if I saw him again as I’d pushed him so far out of my mind, but the more I heard about him, the more drawn to him I felt, and then came a time when I got a good look at him where I could really pay attention, because of some drama that was going on centred around him, and I knew what I know deep down. I don’t know why that first time, I was thinking that I coudln’t be bothered to think about him cuz I wasn’t going to wait two years until I could know him, but it’s almost been that time now. If anything, thinking about him has helped me, I just want to return the favour, and I think the longer it goes on the further away he gets from being able to be helped, not that I think that there’s much wrong with him, just that he’s probably a bit unhappy, I can understand why he behaves like he does, I’ve never felt very good towards the majority of people in the world and have always been pretty much against conventional restrictions in society, so in a way we may be two of a kind, but because I’ve been in the pits of despair and hated everything, I’m in a good position to be able to help him, which I never had, I just had to help myself and it took years, and it was like I had to wait until he came along, and it’s hard to explain, but it seems to all make sense on a soul level, or maybe it’s just a genetic awareness on a cellular level, I don’t know, but there is some connection, I even think I saw him again tonight from a distance. I know that if I had taken one of the very many chances over the last couple of years, and before that when he had tried to get my attention many times, but I always ignored him, if I had done something then, I’d know him by now, so really, the problem is within me more than him.

    Anyhow, all human life is supposed to end in 2012, so we had better hurry up and get together, and then I always knew that he’d have to move away before I’d get to know him, and that is what happened, and now I’ve seen him again, even though I’m still holding back, but there’s been weird things, signs, coincidences, which has kept me on the right path, cuz many times I have not thought about him much and been interested in somebody else instead, but then I’m led back to him again for some reason, so there’s more going on than any of us realise.

    Anyhow, 2012 folks! (If you believe any of it, it was supposed to be 2006 before, and then before that, 1999, but this time there is real energy being put into this one, a bit worrying really, And earth tremors felt across the country tonight here in UK!

  80. Hi Edith, just a small note on the 2012 thing.

    If any of you out there want to experience a different (and very controversial) aspect, Youtube Zeitgeist the movie. It’s in something like 13 parts. It made me think.

  81. Hi Nick, if Brian is offering to help you by giving you your first 3 sessions free of charge, try it. It will give you a huge boost to knowing what you want to do and also give guidelines on how to manifest a job. After the 3 sessions, if you wish to continue with the coaching, you should be able to afford to pay for the further sessions and go very far in life. He may even teach you to be a life coach.

  82. Nick,

    My offer to you is not about money. I am offering you assistance.

    Let me know when you are available to start. Alot of the work we will do can be done via e-mail. I am unsure how to exchange e-mail addresses through this site.
    Can anybody tell me?

    My business is in Ireland so we don’t have to worry about time differences or anything.

    Lets get going. I am eager to start.

  83. Why don’t you each create a Yahoo mailbox and then you can delete it after it’s served its purpose? That way it doesn’t matter if anyone sees your address here. It won’t be up and running for long.

  84. Youtube links don’t work here. Anyhow, I don’t know that it pays to dwell on these things. All the talk about 2012, and doomsday, is just more speculation about cataclysmic events that may or may not happen, but if it’s true that where attention goes, energy flows, then I don’t see the point in focusing on that kind of thing. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, not a lot anyone can do about it.

  85. Hi Edith, I have no idea where you are. Personally, I’m in South Africa. Just a portion of a very brief overvue is that we entered the age of Pisces with Christ’s birth and in about 2150 we will be entering the age of Aquarious. That there is no end of the world, only the world as we know it. In about 142 years, the people will be saying that the end of the world is coming in about 2000 years. There is a whole lot more to the movie but this is the part that I was referring to and since it takes ages to watch each 5 minute clip, I’ve only watched portions of the movie.

    You can try googling “Zeitgeist, the movie”. They also have a website that features the movie.

  86. Just an update, I’ve just posted this in The Secret forum but this is where I started posting before I went there so it seems right I should post it here for anyone following my posts in this blog:
    For quite a time now I have felt drawn towards a certain street and a certain house which I had a feeling my boy may have been living in, no real definite reason to think so, just a feeling, and I have never even mentioned it in here cuz it sounded so way out there and so much just like fancifulness on my part and my imagination working overtime or wishful thinking or whatever, but, yesterday, I found out for definite that he really is living there! I had even taken to going along that street quite a lot, much more than I usually would, and a few times recently I have seen him there, but nothing to prove that he was living in that house, but I couldn’t get away from the feeling of that is where he lives now, and I have found my mind wandering and seeing myself going into that house and coming out of it, and then stopped myself cuz of not wanting to lead myself up the wrong track, and then around Christmas time I had such a strong feeling of him being in a certain room in that house and I tried to stop myself from thinking that cuz I couldn’t understand why I was. And now I find out it’s where he is! How weird is that! Not that I’m going to do anything about it, of course, but at least I know now where he is living, which I didn’t know before since he moved from my area. It was just a feeling, one that I have resisted because there was no real reason to connect him with the house and I have never had intuition like this about anything before and so I dismissed it, but my feeling was right and how I ‘knew’ instinctively that this is where he is living, I can’t explain in logical terms, only perhaps cuz I have this connection with him, either a soul connection or cuz I feel so drawn to him that it has made a connection. But I couldn’t shake off the underlying feeling that this particular house is where he is, even though I told myself not to be silly, but, the feeling turned out to be right.
    I don’t really know what to make of it. It seems so weird.
    I’m pleased, of course, but a little in awe.


    That was it.
    I’ve seen him around a few more times since I posted in this blog last too, but still not had what felt like the right opportunity, but at least I now know for sure that he is not in that bleak town where he had been supposedly sent to after he had to move. No wonder I felt so depressed when I had gone there one afternoon a year ago thinking that I may see him somewhere!
    Weird though, how I had the feeling that this house locally is where he is living and he is.

  87. Wow, I know this is an old post but I have just read it and I have to say Edith is moaning about the law of attraction not working when in fact she has been presented with numerous opportunities to talk to this man, but didnt actually make the move to do so. The Universe/God/Law of attraction/whatever you want to call it can only take us SO FAR, WE have to do the rest of the work. How can Edith complain about this, what did she expect for the Universe to just drop this guy, literally, into her lap?? She was given the chance many times to see/talk to him but didnt take the chance when it was presented to her, she has no-one to blame but herself here. The LOA DID work for her, she just expected to much and should have taken the opportunities when they each presented themselves to her, instead of coming on here and complaining about it.