Needles on the Bus

The traffic was particularly crazy in Blanchardstown this week. No idea why! My daily bus trip to the quays even took 90 minutes one day, which is double the time it usually takes. So it’s just as well that I recently found an excellent way to pass the time: cross stitching on the go! 🙂 Although the larger kits are too cumbersome, smaller Christmas card kits and the like are perfect. All I need to bring with me is a little plastic bag containing a small scissors, the page with the design chart, the piece of fabric and a needle and thread. I have attracted far fewer strange looks than I expected, but I suppose I may just be too engrossed in my stitching to notice! 🙂

I doubt that this will start a commuter crafting cult, but it’s great to have finally found something that lets me escape from my daily drudge on Dublin Bus. My iPod and radio can only do so much! The most popular pursuit seems to be reading newspapers or novels, but unfortunately that makes me feel sick, as does playing my Game Boy. Crosswords and sudoku puzzles are popular too. Does anyone else have any weird or wonderful ways of making the most of their commute?

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  1. well…if it’s any consolation, I will confess to having spent the train journey to and from Cork this weekend doing tapestry. I got admiring looks…much to my surprise.

    You have a gameboy too? I was under the illusion I was the only female over the age of 16 who had one.

    not special any more…

  2. i drive to work and when im stuck in traffic (which is all the time) i watch people from my car and make up stories for them,ie: make a name, what they just had for breakfast, what they work at, are they rich? its gas craic and before u know it ur at work!!

  3. Oh I thought it was like junkie needles on busses…..I know the 39 is bad, but never that bad. Sudoku can be a bit tricky when you have some fecker sitting on you for what feels like 3 days.
    Your blog rocks btw.