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Update August 2006: A revised Movies@ site has now been launched. It’s still far from perfect, but it is a huge improvement on the original eyesore. I wish I had taken some screen shots, but you really had to browse the original version to truly experience the horror! πŸ™‚

I have not got around to visiting the new multiplex cinema at the swanky Dundrum shopping centre yet. Having read about Blúire’s recent experience, I may not be missing out on much. I will of course give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until I see a film there myself before passing judgement.

However, I have already experienced the Movies at Dundrum website. The mere mention of it is enough to send a shiver down my spine! I realise that as you sit reading this post on this tragic pink barbie-on-speed website, the words pot, kettle and black may be entering your head! πŸ™‚ Web site design and usability are extremely subjective areas. Each to their own is my motto. I actually very rarely slag off websites. Others are constantly pointing out so called horrendous websites to me and I’m usually the one saying that it could be a lot worse. I think I will be using the Movies @ Dundrum site in future to illustrate how much worse. Look at the state of it! πŸ™

I could build a very long list of what is wrong with this site but I don’t like to descend to that level and it would probably take me a while to compose my thoughts! Besides, I think that it really does speak for itself. Apart from the aesthetics and amateur appearance, more seriously, this site shows that having a website can sometimes do more harm than good. I understand that the facility to book online will be available shortly, but as far as the current site goes, I think that even an under construction page would be more beneficial and less damaging to their image. Whatever about “redefining cinemas“, Movies @ Dundrum need to look at rethinking their website.


  1. Oh dear god..I didnt realise they still made websites like that…….forget about usabillity, I couldnt get past the sore eyesight to find out!

  2. A friend was there recently with her husband who works at shop layouts in his marketing job and they quickly discovered how easy it is to actually load up on munchies and not pay for any of it (they paid of course). When they mentioned this to the security guard, he replied that when it’s busy, they can’t see a thing/keep track of people so that huge amounts of stuff is getting lifted on a regular basis.
    Pity no one would nick their awful website. πŸ™‚

  3. Janine, I think I’ll have to sue you to pay for the laser surgery that I’m suddenly need of!

    Pick of the bunch has *got* to be the Reel Parents section. Moms? Strollers? I know the Luas is supposed to be a wonderful thing but I didn’t realise it got you all the way to the US in under 17 minutes. And what on earth are those characters around “Reel Parents” in the third paragraph? I’m sure they look *lovely* in Internet Explorer (the silly flash thingy at the top probably doesn’t hide half the menu in IE too). Isn’t it funny how many films that are Showing Now are also Coming Soon. If I wanted re-runs, I’d stick to TV3!

  4. Sure aint the prettiest is it?

    Plus they ren’t showing Serenity any more πŸ™ Makes me gald I live two minutes walk away from ugc/cineworld. Whose site is not great, but not terrible either.

  5. Jeez, how can companies actually pay for crap like that? Really makes me wonder if any IT savy people work there. BTW, i love their use of META keywords: “Movies@Dundurm”.

  6. on the subject of the website, when i was in dcu, i remember hearing that the ryanair website had been done at rock bottom prices by two students of dcu’s computer applications degree. i don’t know if this is urban legend or actual truth.

    but if the owners of movies@dundrum were on a cost cutting excercise when it came to website design, then one would have to wonder why they didn’t consider sponsoring a free lap top as a prize for best designed website, (with a years free cinema going thrown in) to the various third level instuitions of dublin/ireland.

    the students in transition year that designed websites in dcu’s open weekend last year would have done a better job.

  7. It really is dreadful. It harks back to the mid 90’s when tables were all the rage and looks like it was designed by someone that things the IE flash tag is the height of web design

  8. Oh my god get a life people.Who gives a crap about the website the place is jammed and it also had the gala premier of Harry Potter today so they gotta be impressing somebody.For the record they now place luminous stickers on all purchases to prevent theft by the likes of Sinead above whom I am sure has honest mates(yea right)

  9. Just for ur info…. the actual website is on the way, we’re just deciding on the one we like best, and the current one in place was merely put in place for the time being…. people are so impatient!!

  10. You’ll probably be delighted to know that you’re the #2 google result for ‘movies at dundrum’. Which is good, as i was pretty angry after visiting their site, and this has made me feel better.

  11. good to see i’m not alone! i’m almost starting to take pity on them now though πŸ˜‰
    thanks for that gar, glad i helped ease your pain in some small way.

    thanks for your input yoggan. if you really are associated with dundrum and that’s true, there should be a big message all over the site saying it’s temporary. it looks like someone went to a lot of trouble for such a temporary site! i really think that if you had gone for something very very simple in the interim, or even just an under construction page, it would have been better.

    i don’t think people are impatient, just horrified! but good luck with the cinema and with sorting out the site.

  12. in this case cass i’m really not so sure! it depends on how temporary the “temporary” site is for a start πŸ™‚

    i do take your point. a bare bones text list of the films currently showing plus location and contact details would have been far quicker to throw together and would be a big improvement as far as i’m concerned.

    however, i guess that if they had gone for that originally, they would still have received some criticism on a few message boards. i’m hoping that one positive outcome of the dundrum website debacle will be that fickle web users (particularly developers and designers) who are very quick to judge sites harshly will be more tolerant, and save their savage remarks for extreme web design crimes! πŸ™‚

  13. Not only is the website crap, but the design of the cinema is disasterous. The emergency exit is right beside the screen, so the green exit light casts a horrible glow over half the screen.

    Add this to the 9.60 EUR price tag for a ticket and you have one unhappy camper who won’t be going back there.

  14. Check this shit out, the actually site is just as ugly as the actuall cinema itself. Seriously, do the owners know what the management are doing? Making a joke out of themselves.

  15. OH MY GOD. AGGGGH. I came across your blog while googling movies@”dumbdrum” because I wanted to contact them, fat chance, farcical site! Nice blog though;)

  16. To be fair, my sources tell me that this website is just on a trail bases and im sure if you voice your opinion to the powers that be you my be able to remove this apperant eyesore

  17. Well they have changed the web site at last but now none of the links work and half of the images are missing . . . . goooood very very gooooood

  18. Today was my first time to use the movies at dundrum website. My favorite feature is the black font on a black background. Its okay though, if you select the invisible text you can see it. Although it took me longer to find the special instructions on how to use a chip’n’pin at the top of the page.

  19. I actually know the guys who designed the new site. The Red Hot Dezignz thing wasn’t supposed to be added in at the footer of the site but the old site’s booking engine broke down and they had already built one for the new site so it was easier to put the new unfinished site live…but they did it while he was on holiday’s and didn’t take out the Red Hot Dezignz bit. So he’s not a happy bunny and now has to work like a mule to try and get 2 sites built to save face! Red Hot Dezignz isn’t actually a web design company it’s just a name he always used for creating graphics and logo’s for companies but now it just looks like they are a bad web design company because they couldn’t even do their own site. Sorry, I just had to stick up for my mate I don’t care about the cinema.

  20. Wow what a mess up . . . . fair enough on the designer thing (but you would think a guy trying to sell his design co. would look after his own first . . . otherwise it’s like someone in the sahara selling ice to the ….. you get the picture), as for the cinema crowd – this is a leason on how NOT to do marketing, you think that a company that pumps millions into a cinema could also spare a few quid to get the web site look right from the start . . . it is all IMAGE . . . . or did no one tell them that. Hope your mate can get it looking right for the cinemas sake as well as his own.

  21. Hi there Krafty! The pics on your website is really funny! The guy who made it must be a genius, hehee.

  22. Ok, I have decided to come here to apologise in public for the unprofessionalism of my RHD site. I have been designing the Movies@ website for a while because I was commissioned to do it. I worked with many people from that Movies@ through the company I work for at the moment (I will not say any names) and when they seen some of my other work they asked me to do their new website.

    I had no problems doing it for them but while I was on holidays their old booking engine crashed and they needed the new site to go live even though it wasn’t ready, I gave them my consent but the “Red Hot Dezignz” link wasn’t removed from the footer of the page. As you can imagine, this is a little embarrasing for me as I had no website ready myself for RHD.

    I never had a website for RHD because I never needed one because it was just a name I used when designing stuff for other people. I work for a company full time and I do graphics, logos & websites in my spare time.

    Even when the RHD site is finished I will most likely be there solely to display my work and nothing more because the site needs to be there otherwise RHD will get a bad name even though it is not, technically, a web design ccmpany. As I said, I have a full time job and I’m only doing this site for some contacts that have been good to me in the past.

    I hope you all can appreciate my honesty and not view this as a bad reflection on Movies@ as a company or RHD. I am not trying to sell my site or ask for sympathy because it was a mess up on both sides, this site wasn’t supposed to go live for about another month due to my work constraints but it could not be helped.

  23. Well fair play to you RHD for coming on boards and giving your side of the story . . . I have seen the nearly finished site and it is a huge improvment – and I mean really huge (but then that would not be hard). Please note that the critics (or at least me) were not really getting at you but more the cinema. The cinema has been open for a year now and have only now made improvements to the web, in this day and age of digital/tech/info at a fingers touch it seems a out of order and very unprofessional and as I have already said reflects badly on the cinema itself (although they seem not to know this) . . . . . sorry you got caught up in all this (but let it be a lesson) all the best with your design on the side. As for the cinema – they are soon to open another in swords (I think) errrrrrrrr . . . . best of luck with that now! I mean how many mistakes can one company make

  24. So, after originally posting about this last november, there is finally a new site? Nine months to develop a website? Wow. That is a fast turnaround.

    I am not sure that the new site is an improvement at all. For starters, it tells you the following…….

    Please note that this site is best viewed in IE 6+. Users of Firefox should no longer experience the “Black Text” issue.

    I am not sure what sort of a “web designer” (and I use that term loosely) would choose to develop a website to work in IE. We all know that IE is not standards compliant. If you wanted to give yourself any kudos, you would have designed it to be compliant in browsers like Mozilla. You would also have checked that it is standards compliant at and you would display badges to this effect.

    The website is still an eyesore.

  25. To Franzo: Thank you for your comments and, believe me, lesson learned. I do understand that it was more directed at the cinema but I had to throw my 2 cents in.

    To Laura: I’m pretty sure it wasn’t your comments that spurred them on to getting a new website developed, given that your just one random person on a random blog (a good one at that) but more the fact that even they hated their own website and were unimpressed with what they got first time around . And it only took a month to develop after I was asked, not 9. I firmly believe in the old “if you don’t have anything positive to say don’t say it at all” philosophy so your comments don’t really mean much to me in the long term but I will point a few things out.

    I am not a “web designer” nor do I claim to be; I am a graphic designer. Websites are just something I do in my spare time if someone I know needs one and I have the time to do it. Yes, there are professional web designers out there but they didn’t want to use them – Who am I to argue? I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

    The reason the website isn’t fully compliant with Firefox is because of the booking engine scripts aren’t properly recognised with Firefox but the website works perfectly, it just looks bigger and this is something that is currently being worked out. These are not my scripts so I don’t have the authority to comment on them but I will say that the guy who wrote them has a lot of contracts with big cinema chains so it’s obvious he’s doing something right. I’d also like to point out that after reviewing the stats from the site, only 5% of the people who visit the site use Mozilla and the rest use IE so it’s really not that big of a deal at the moment.

    Re: w3c compliancy. You will find that a huge percentage of websites, no matter how big or small, will have errors with w3c validation. It doesn’t mean that their sites don’t work, most of the time it just means that their code crosses over which is harmless.

    “The website is still an eyesore”…Fine, don’t look at it. It wasn’t built to satisfy your asthetic needs, it was built for the convenience of Movies@ customers. If it bothers you, take it up with Movies@. As far as I’m concerned the website does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives you movie times, cert info, online booking, FAQ, cinema info, etc. and I’ve heard nothing but good comments back from Movies@ about what their customers have said about the new site so I’m happy.

    I’ll be concentrating on getting my own site ready to save face, as I explained in my last post but such is life and it can’t be helped. I hope I don’t come across too harsh but it does annoy me to be caught up in this when it was something that was out of my hands. I dont like RHD being given a bad name before it’s even begun (I registered the name recently so that I could move towards building it as a company now rather than just a name).

  26. Dear oh dear! The Movies@ website saga just goes on and on – pass the popcorn πŸ™‚

    Red Hot Dezignz:

    Thank you for taking the trouble to drop by and comment. It has been fascinating to get an insight into the way Movies@Dundrum approached their website. It is little wonder that it turned into such a fiasco! πŸ™

    I completely accept your point that you are not a web site specialist, and that if they wanted you to do it, you were hardly going to turn away work. It’s hard to argue with that. At least you freely admit that the site has its failings.

    The new site is a big improvement, but how could it not be? However, it still looks like a fairly amateur production to me. Usually, when graphic specialists dabble in web design, the code may make gruesome viewing but the look and feel is far more polished.

    I realise that the booking engine may not be fully compatible with Firefox, but that does not explain why all the text appears in unstyled Times New Roman in it! I spotted 6 Doctype tags in the source of the home page, none of which was in the correct place, and I am curious to know which editor commits such a mortal sin so that I never have to use it! πŸ™‚

    The really sad thing about the Movies@Dundrum website debacle is that it provides a compelling argument for only engaging major web development firms who charge sky high fees if you want a proper job done. There are many smaller outfits, freelance designers and developers out there who produce excellent layouts and embrace web standards. Our cause is not helped by such high profile disasters! πŸ™

  27. Hi Janine,

    I realise how amatuer it looks at the end of the day and believe me, I’m doing my best to sort out the Firefox problems as soon as possible as it looks horrendous when you view it in their browser. No matter how small the percentage of viewers in Firefox I’d still like it to look seamless in both browsers.

    I use Dreamweaver 8 to code the site and the Doctype tags are most likely my fault as opposed to unfortunate program that has to put up with me. I will be cleaning it up as much as possible over the next few weeks in my spare time so hopefully the coding won’t look so ugly to pro’s like yourself πŸ™‚

  28. Ahhhhhh . . . . Well that all ends very nice . . . well I guess that’s the end of this blog . . . . . or is it? Movies at Swords comes soon!

  29. The irony is I have just stumbled upon this site whilst looking for the Dundrum Movies site … the real site is unfortunately no more. I was met with a “No website is configured at this address.” error message. What self respecting company actually allows their metaphysical presence to appear to the public in this way?! I am a security consultant and this kind of website really pi$$e$ me off! Corporate Ireland: analyse the demographic of your target audience and sort out your internet presence!

  30. Movies@Dundrum has now changed its location to However, though it is just as garish as its predecessor, there is one much more serious flaw. Once you get to the credit card booking page, there is no security icon showing in the browser window, no lock or anything remotely similar. Well, would YOU give your credit card number and security code to an unsecure page? An attempt to book by phone on their official booking line proved fruitless. It simply doesn’t work. How do they do any business at all, I wonder?

  31. There are a number of bugs still in their online booking system:

    Their security certificate is for the moviesatdundrum site, but they now operate from movies-at site.
    The seat selection does not work with IE7
    If you enter an incorrect/invalid expiry date the site displays an error message but still deducts your money.

    On the last point, two months later I am still waiting for a refund. I even have a report from their own back office system showing one debit for the date and they have a copy of my statement showing two debits.

  32. you are all a bunch of tossers there is more to worry in life than a website movies@dundrum is a great cinema if it is so crap why does it get so many people going through its doors. As for the website what you think that yours is any better. The staff are great and friendly and the prices are a lot cheaper than any other cinema and the ticket price is 9.30 not 9.60 get it right a lot of the kinks have now been ironed out. So get a life and grow up

  33. Wow . . . I thought this blog had stopped, but it just keeps on going . . .

    You dont work there judy by any chance do you?

  34. ah now franzo, don’t be so cynical – clearly judy is just on the defensive about movies@dundrum because it is such a great cinema and she is being entirely objective. we should indeed all get a life and grow up and acknowledge the wonder of movies@dundrum! πŸ™‚

    i should not slag, their site is far more alive than this one which, as you quite rightly pointed out, has stopped for now. but it may be back online soon for what it’s worth πŸ™‚

  35. now what do you think of movies @ swords :p
    ah the management of movies@…… if only you knew!
    give them a wee break though, fairly new company, just some poor planning floating around… i might actually offer to redo the site for them after reading this!

    its hilarious that this is the second thing someone wanting info on movies@ sees on the internet!

  36. Ohh Movies@…..

    How we love you for at least trying, however half arsed you may be πŸ™‚

    The Staff try, to be fair to them they really do… can see the strain on their little faces. But the problems dont just lie there….No no no
    Infact (As if you did’nt know this already) it lies with the Managment, particulary the ‘House Manager’ (Apparently thats what he likes to be called), if you ask me it sounds more like an inflated ego to me.

    The House Mananger…..whom we shall call ‘G’ seems to think he actually is doing a Competent Job !!
    Man……How wrong is he !!!!!
    Ive heard more complaints about Movies@ than i care to mention, personally ive had problems with : cc bookings (Dont even ask), their self service ticket collection points have’nt worked since they opened last November, web site, You cannot for love nor money actually talk to anyone there as they dont answer their phones, film reels scratched, hair lines, loss of sound, films being cancelled at the last min, screens not cleaned between shows, toilets not working, pipes bursting, building work taking place during shows (What sort of morons allow work to continue while their showing movies….surely all this could be carried out after hours !!!), You very rarely ever see a manager on the floor so instead your left trying to explain your point to either a rather confussed looking foreign staff member or end up speaking with one of their supervisors…who i might add never really seem to give a sh*t !!….Tut tut tut

    For a chain of cinemas to fit into the local community (Such as Swords), you need to be able to read your customers and it seems that ‘G’ finds this way to difficult to do….Awww

    Well then you should’nt be doing the Job, come on Movies@ it seems you may need some new blood in them old veins of yours.

    What do you think ?

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