Freecycle in Ireland

I read an interesting article in today’s Sunday Tribune magazine (no free online version alas) about freecycling.

This concept was new to me but I think it’s a great idea. Like most good ideas, it’s pretty simple. If you want to get rid of some junk you post a message on a site and anyone who is interested replies. The only constraint is that everything posted must be free.

Elana Kehoe recently set up an Irish branch of the Freecycle Network. So you can start freecycling at a Yahoo! group near you: Irish Freecycle Groups at Yahoo

Being an avid hoarder of all sorts of junk, this could be a very dangerous development for me!


  1. I am looking for a 1000mm wide standard kitchen press base unit. I have the doors but need the carcass of the press

  2. hi, i have tried to get on to the Leinster forum and its being listed as no such group found. can you advise if the link supplied above is correct ?
    thank you.

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