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I just saw Eddie Hobbs on Tubridy Tonight where he mentioned that his official website eddiehobbs.com launched today and rather sleek it looks too.

It contains financial advice and info on Eddie as you would expect but Eddie Hobbs has even got his own blog now too.

Good work Eddie (even if the column positioning is sometimes a bit off in Firefox for me at the moment?). Welcome to the Irish blogosphere! 🙂

Update: I e-mailed the site developer Horizon Omni Media about the Firefox bug and had a response from Ian within 10 minutes late on a saturday night – the hardest working web developer in Ireland! I feel so lazy… 🙂


  1. well spotted piaras! i only had a quick look and hadn’t felt like subscribing or commenting so i never noticed…

    if the site was indeed only launched today, maybe a feed at least will be added in the coming days? i know that some blogs don’t allow comments. perhaps all the finishing touches have not been put in place at the site yet, as they just wanted the majority of it live for the plug on tubridy???

  2. Bit weird for the average punter though because it has posts going back at least a month, although the site was probably dark during that period.

    Bit silly plugging it when it isn’t ready because punters like me are going to start poking holes in it.

    Hopefully things will change because I know he’ll get lots of link love and plenty of people would subscribe

  3. Jeepers, we’d love to add Eddie into our thing at irishblogs.ie. but a) he has no feed and b) he could be mad against beint syndicated without permission……….


  4. I don’t know is it not a bit disturbing when you get a response on a saturday night? kinda suggests you should get out more…….

  5. niall – thanks for leaving a comment because it meant i found your blog (looks great – i’m loving the pink! 🙂 ) but leaving comments at 2am is rather disturbing too :p
    i’m guessing they were just working at that time because eddie was on tv plugging it and they wanted to iron out any glitches…

    dave – yes, the response i got said that they already knew all about the bug and were working on it at the time. they had placed bets about how long it would be before someone got in touch about it!

  6. Ok you got me, I only realised how stupid my comment was after i posted it. Ah well, in true Irish style I was drunk… I am shamed!

  7. Hi all,
    couple of comments if thats ok…

    On the Firefox issue firstly, thanks to everyone who mailed us about that. It really had us stumped for a couple of days, we tried all kinds of things, prayers of the faithful, promisies to return to Mass and there was one moment when someone who shall remain nameless (yes I’m talking about you DP) even proposed ignoring Firefox “cause it’ll never really catch on”; heathen!

    Anyway we eventually cracked it this morning when we realised it was a timing issue as opposed to a compliance one. (All the code is standards compliant) We removed the “display:table;” declarations from the stylesheet. Apparently Firefox renders the table layout before the content is loaded. Anyway we’re all grovvy in firefox again.

    On the Blog Issue, I have to agree with Piaras, it is a “Blog in name, but not in nature.” All I’m allowed to say at this stage is that its early days yet and please bear with us as we ease Eddie gradually into the 21st century in terms of the web. Forgive the trite response but there are “developments in the pipeline”

    thaks for the feedback though, really appreciate it.

    Ian (Horizon Omni media)

  8. Dear Ms. Dalton,

    this time of year is ideal for sharing, so we would welcome you to join in the spirit of season. Share your weirdness with the world, you have been memed.

    Kind Regards,

  9. Eddie is writing a new book for all the money-incompetent people who didn’t really get what to do when they read his first book. According to our ever-reliable Sunday tabloids, he had a week scheduled in December to write this book (by means of dictation to someone else who’d have the lovely job of typing it up). A week to write a book that will doubtless get to the top of the bestsellers list….nice work if you can get it…..

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