Eason take over Reads – the end of cheap books and highlighters?

I was shocked and disappointed to read in The Irish Times this morning that the main Irish bookseller Eason has bought its rival Reads of Nassau Street.

Generations of students have fond memories of stocking up on cheap stationery at this institution. It’s a great place for refill pads, pens and binders but my favourite purchase has to be buying highlighter pens in 8 colours for 50p a go. 🙂 In recent years, they have disrupted the cosy bookselling trade somewhat by selling current bestsellers at substantial discounts. They even give you 10% off magazines too.

When Eason took over Fred Hanna’s up the road, Reads plastered their windows with posters making direct favourable comparisons with Eason prices. All good news for the consumer! 🙂 Alas, the rivalry has now come to an end. While the press releases state that this will give Eason a larger share of the discount book market, I’m not so sure that the bargains at Reads will continue. When I think of good value, I’m afraid that Eason are not the first retailer to pop into my head. I can only hope that Reads will not lose any of its charm or cheapness. 🙂


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  2. the more mcdonalds there are the better!!! 🙂 i’d be all in favour of them transforming that culchie hangout 😉

  3. ah sure most people should shop at proper bookstores anyway, with knowledgable and funky staff, not like reads or eason :p

  4. i would name and shame them for you daithi but mish would kill me! whatever about funky staff, they can’t be a proper bookstore if they don’t have a computers section!!!

  5. we’re too ickle to have a computer section! (altho sadly our shelf of windows/office/word/photoshop books has found it’s way onto the bottom shelf of my current affairs section with our new xmas layout 🙁 )

  6. Well I hope your all satisfied! 12 months of Eason ownership and Read’s bargains continue! I hope all of the begrudgers above acknowledge this!

  7. Well I don’t buy books or stationery enough to know for sure but I agree with you Jim, they still seem to be offering good value. Unfortunately, I have noticed one change. They used to stock an impressive selection of magazines but since the takeover they have drastically reduced the number of titles in a specialist area I’m interested in – crafting 🙁

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