Colourful USB Keys

If you are looking for one of those cute tiny and incredibly handy USB memory drives, I can highly recommend Shop4Memory. They have a big selection in many colours (very important!). The prices are good and delivery is fast and free within Ireland and the UK.

The best bit is the great customer service. I originally bought my Transcend 512MB key in February. They showed a picture with a pink or purple shade in the photo but only had the blue option available to buy. Tragic as I am, I contacted them to find out if it was possible to get the other colour. Within an hour or 2, they had sent me a special link where I could purchase a lilac one. It arrived a couple of days later.

Alas, by May I was having problems with it. It was not working with most computers and a couple of days later even stopped working with my laptop. The key has a 2 year warranty, but knowing how tricky some places are to deal with, I prepared for another epic consumer battle!
I need not have worried. I contacted them and sent the key back on a Monday. On Tuesday, they phoned me to say the connection was loose and to arrange a new key. On Wednesday morning the new key arrived. I was impressed!

Another good thing about the site is that the company behind it is GoBeyond, who hail from County Kildare. In the age of e-commerce, where I’m scouring the net for a good deal – buying iPod covers from Canada one day and moisturiser from Hong Kong the next – it’s always especially nice when you can buy Irish. 🙂