Bosco DVD

Bosco DVD

Update: You can now buy the Bosco DVD online at the RTE shop!

I spotted The Best of RTE’s Bosco Volume 1 in Tower Records last night and handed over my €20 euro quicker than I can devour 6 Chicken McNuggets.

You get 7 episodes on it plus a bonus Christmas edition! 🙂 It’s 3 hours and 35 minutes of pure childhood nostalgia and well worth every cent.

It’s weird how different it all seems watching it now though. I have only watched 2 episodes but the theme music sounds so tinny and I had never realised just how bad the presenters’ singing was, especially Grainne’s! 🙂 The animations and technology are so primitive but there is actually a fair bit going on in each programme. There is a lot more to it than many current children’s programmes (not that I watch them of course ;)).

It’s simultaneously hysterical and comforting watching it. It is going to be a massive Christmas hit. Surely, it’s only a matter of time before we can buy our own Bosco puppets and boscaí? In the meantime, fans of the red haired fella can sign a Bring Back Bosco petition or download a Bosco ringtone at o2 or . Alas, I have not got this to work yet at either site. 🙁 I think the o2 one is for o2 customers only (logical enough I suppose!) but I’m not sure why the other one failed…

From the back of the DVD:

The songs, the magic door, make and do, tongue twisters and more are packed into this DVD milestone.

The gang of grown-ups are all here with Bosco – Frank, Mary, Philip, Marian, David, Susie, Grainne and Jonathon. Who’s your favourite?

Sing along, see the sights, turn your empty washing-up liquid bottles into cool stuff and even get a peek inside Bosco’s crib.

Buy it now! Brostaigh! 🙂


  1. lol, i was in HMV yesterday,saw the shelves bursting with dvds,but Bosco only had 4 remaining copies!! so if you don’t want santa to disappoint you,you better write your list quick

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