blogging for a living

Influential tech blogger Jason Kottke, has decided to follow the dream and try blogging as a full time job.

After 7 years of maintaining his popular weblog, he has bravely decided to quit his web design job for a year. Rather than fund this through advertising or charging for access, he is holding a 3 week fund drive seeking contributions from the readers who benefit from his work.

Kottke claims that he is "attempting to revisit the idea of arts patronage in the context of the internet". So if you’re a Medici wannabe, you can help him out.

Fair play to him. He’s given so much to the web, why shouldn’t he spend all his time doing what he loves most and make something out of it? It’s a bit indulgent giving up your day job to blog, but with his blog’s reputation he’s one of the few who can give it a shot. He could fall flat on his face (unlikely considering the long list of micro-patrons signed up already) or he could get rich quick. The main thing is he’s taking the risk to follow his dream. I know he doesn’t read this rubbish but best of luck, Jason! 🙂


  1. Imagine this … (hazy mist rolls in as the scene changes) Weary of many long hours maintaining a full-time job and still remaining faithful to your blog, you make a momentous decision one day … To blog full-time! »more

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