A List Apart Redesign

I caught up this evening with the news that A List Apart, the premier online magazine "for people who make websites" has been redesigned and restructured.

Since this site is the playground of the cream of the crop, the new look is being pored over by web monkeys the world over. My 2 cent ain’t worth anything but, like anyone, I know what I like. I have to say, the design is not exactly my cup of tea. It does look a lot classier than the older versions, and they definitely achieved the scholarly authoritative look. However, it’s a bit too staid for my tastes and I think that the home page lacks focus somewhat.

I’m probably just jealous because I will never be on the plain of such web gurus. I am sure that I will grow to love it by next week! In any case, I have already ordered my t-shirt – the very latest in web geek chic. 🙂


  1. I have to agree that the new site look is a bit random (for want of a better word) the main content area doesn’t jump out at you the way it should in my opinion. Very monochromatic too.

    They are the best though so we must bow to their infinite wisdom.

    BTW. I have linked you on my fave blogs list in my blog 🙂

  2. hi ed,

    glad i’m not completely alone! it’s growing on me already though, and i gather there’s a lot going on in the new cms too…

    thanks for the link – you must have low standards! 😉

    hope the new job is going well

  3. Yeah I wrote a post in my blog about the CMS. it’s running on the Ruby On Rails web development framework. which looks really cool.

    It looks a lot better on at 1280 x 1024(at home) then it does 1024 x 768 on my laptop in work.

    As regards the new job, still just sitting around doing nothing. I have resorted to doing online courses about how the new company works!! (Yawn!!)

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