a few favourites

I haven’t been reading blogs that long but I have already noted the proliferation of favourite book and film lists. Well, I can’t join in because I’m so uncultured that sadly I don’t appreciate most works of art. 😉

So, here’s a list of a few little bits of software I really like. It’s in no particular order, since writing this drivel takes this inept author far too long as it is, without adding further complexity!

  • Skype – free perfect quality voice chat on the internet + cheap phone calls + instant messaging = super fantastisch!
  • RSS Reader – with a head like a sieve and zillions of cool blogs and news sites out there, where would i be without RSS? Really Stuffed Surely 🙂
  • Web Accessibility Toolbar – one for the web dev bunnies – validate, view document structure, strip functionality and so much more – but be warned it’s IE only for now
  • TextBuddy – one for the Irish – adds speed and extra functionality to your O2 or Vodafone free texts – meteor gnomes welcome soon :> (thanks to mish for filling me in)
  • Crimson Editor – my beloved notepad replacement – loads in a flash, shows your code in glowing technicolour, but sadly does not speak .net
  • trillian – download one neat application and use it for all your instant messaging accounts – ICQ, Yahoo, AIM and MSN – nice!
  • spectroscope – basic colour picking tool but I still use it to death when I want to know instantly the exact code of any pixel on the web

I would love to know of any other software gems that I can treat my laptop, Smurf, to 🙂

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  1. re crimson – does homesite cover .net these days? is generally pretty good on asp, php and cfm, so imagine they must have incorporated .net into it by now. is generally my txt editor of choice. (a plague on users of dreamweaver etc, learn to use a txt editor)

  2. not sure about homesite fmk – i’ve never used it. i mainly use dreamweaver for .net (no visual studio for me 🙁 ) – but i love having a quick little text editor that i can just use for quick stuff and edits etc… crimson does vb though so it’s ok for class files.